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we are chemicals manufacturer and we can supply the products with lowest price and best quality,we can supply any quantities you want:5g ,50g,100g,1kg,50kg,100kg......... this is the list of part products: 5-PPDI. 4FPHP HEXADRONE 5F-PCN/5FPCN Mexedrone ADB-FUBINACA MMB-CHMINACA Ephylone(crystal) U-47700 DIBUTYLONE... more
Supply 99.5% Pure Methylone , APVP, 4-MMC,5-APB, AM2201, 5FUR144 and other RCs. We mainly supply research chemicals such as: Methylone, Ethylone A-PVP, A-PHP, A-PBP 4-FA, MDMA,MDPV,MDAI, 25I-Nbome 5-APB, 6-APB, 5-MAPB AB-P, AB-C, AB-F 5FUR144, UR144, FAB144 AKB48,5F-AKB48, FUB-AKB48 PB22, FUB-PB22 NM2201, AM2201,... more
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