About Rick - martocciar, Tue Feb 9 10:10
So Rick says repeatedly that he "sticks his neck out for no one." Do think his selfishness and cynicism is authentic? Does the film give hints to prepare us for his final actions?
    • Rick - Maya Williams, Tue Feb 9 18:33
  • Setting and Character - martocciar, Tue Feb 9 10:30
    The film is set in 1941 before the United States of America entered World War II. In the US, there was a strongly isolationist opinion. Many people simply did not think the fight in Europe was America's concern. Most of that opinion disappeared after the attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, and we tend not to think ... more
  • About Sam - martocciar, Tue Feb 9 10:21
    In Hollywood at the time, African Americans were largely stuck playing housekeepers and slaves. What is Sam to Rick? Do you think his character has dignity?
    About Capt. Renault - martocciar, Tue Feb 9 10:18
    Capt. Renault calls himself a "corrupt official," lacking in morality. Does the film give hints that there is more to Renault? What brings about the change in his character?
    About Ilsa - martocciar, Tue Feb 9 10:15
    Do you think she was being sincere about her feelings for Rick when she dropped in on him the second night--the night Laszlo gets arrested?
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