An applicant tracking system (ATS), also called a candidate management system, is a software application designed to help an ent

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HR Software Are you looking for free open source HR software ? Do you want to experience the benefits of open source recruitment ? Well, open source software packages are labelled as media friendly programs. There are so many strong open source contenders in the industry. These contenders are here to help you with... more
  Recruiter System   Are you wondering how much the best online recruitment software in the world costs? Are you sick and tired of spreadsheets for managing HR data? Do you want to improve your HR solution significantly? If yes, the best online recruitment software in the world can lend you a hand of help.... more
Human Resource Software Year after year, the way in which job applications are processed has changed drastically. Corporate recruiters tend to make use of many intuitive methods for recruitment . They opt for sleek tools, automated methods and digital interfaces to pick the right candidate. The cost of upgrading to... more
Applicant Tracking Software The very first step in nailing a job interview would be the process of getting your resume selected. Many split decisions are made during this process. A lot of worthy applications don’t reach the right hands on time. Some recruiters spend less than ten seconds analyzing applications. This... more
Recruiter As summer comes to an end, all companies look for new talent and job seekers start to speed their hunt for promising careers . Most job seekers begin their search by uploading resumes and “hunting” for fresh opportunities. Candidates are likely to upload their CVs on the firm’s website and wait for several... more
Applicant Tracking Software AppliView for Modern Cloud Based ATS Recruitment AppliView is a new way of handling recruitment ! Right from the process of finding candidates to the phase of scheduling interviews, this cloud based recruitment system can lend you a hand of help. AppliView is a modern recruitment system... more
Open Source Application Tracking Solution - ATS System, Tue Oct 4 08:04
Open Source ATS Solution If you are ought to use an ATS solution for the first time , few things should be kept in mind! The recruitment industry has changed drastically over the past few years. Processes are becoming much longer and standard with time. This is why companies are expected to upgrade their recruitment... more
the market for recruitment software - ATS System, Mon Sep 12 06:06
Applicant Tracking Solution When the world’s first applicant tracking system was introduced, HR departments of many firms believed that something new was about to happen. The cloud based hiring systems and financial management software programs were designed to support the growing nature of any company. As a product,... more
Applicant Tracking System Are you hunting for ways to get rid of paper based recruitment and automated hiring routines from your firm? Do you want to increase the efficiency and proficiency of your hiring teams? Are you sick and tired of scanning through thousands of resumes? If yes, you require an applicant tracking... more
You should shift to open source recruitment. - ATS System, Mon Aug 8 09:27
Online recruitment software solution The war for talent has become wilder and much more daunting in recent times. If you are hunting for strategies that can put to end this war, you should shift to open source recruitment . This is one of the newest forms of recruitment in the industry . The method is followed by tech ... more
Recruitment software The recruitment software has emerged as a popular concept everywhere. Like all other systems out there, the software has its own drawbacks. The cons can be sometimes unproductive for the business. But it can be handled well enough with the positive attributes. ATS or the Applicant Tracking System... more
Uncommon communication practices with candidates during the hiring process are important ways that employers of choice engage job candidates in the hiring process. In particular, employers of choice are more likely to not only communicate aspects of the position and organization, but also communicate with job... more
Things Talent Acquisition Leaders Need to Do The role of talent acquisition leaders in not a simple thing. It is a complex job as they have to ensure that the apt talent is getting recruited to the company. Thanks to the advanced and the modern technology. Things have become simpler and more efficient. Despite the... more
Recruiting software has gained immense popularity and is also very high in demand in the present era. If you want your business to have a strong and organized management the software can be of great help. Moreover, the software program is also user friendly and budget friendly and security parameters are maintained as ... more
Employee Engagement is one most important factor for any firm’s move. It is mandatory that every organization takes certain steps and puts in effective metrics for an efficient employee engagement and appreciation. Transparency, space and appreciation are some mandatory methods; a firm uses to increase the employee... more
What is recruitment? Recruitment  is the process of having the right person, in the right place, at the right time. It is crucial to an organisation’s performance. Recruitment is a critical activity, not just for the team of recruiter s but also for line managers who are increasingly involved in the selection... more
It’s no secret that the applicant tracking system ( ATS ) has been one of the dominant sources of frustration among talent acquisition practitioners and job seekers alike. While many ATS vendors have come a long way in offering more user-friendly interfaces and intuitive workflows, many employers leverage their ATS... more
Applicant Tracking System As the technology advances, several complex and time-consuming processes are simplified to make things easier. One such application is the Applicant Tracking System , which is used by the hiring managers to simplify their selection process. But then, the recruiters go through some common... more
How Applicant Tracking Systems Helps Employers and Job Seekers The job searching or selection process; either of it has been a time-draining process for both ends – employers and job seekers. Here, the promise of the Applicant Tracking System is a highly convincing one. It helps both the ends and saves a lot of... more
Job posting plays a major role in the hiring process and with the right strategy used, this can show a drift. Then there lies this finding out the strategy to bring out the maximum from the job postings . More the applicants, more efficient become the hiring process . Fortunately, this takes a little effort but we... more

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