Radio Raheem - martocciar, Thu Apr 7 10:32
Does your perception of Radio Raheem change after he is killed?
    • reply - Amanda Verbraska, Thu Apr 7 14:23
  • Do the Right Thing's Outdated? - martocciar, Thu Apr 7 10:39
    Does the film seem outdated in any way? Explain.
    Do the Right Thing's Relevance - martocciar, Thu Apr 7 10:38
    Do you think the film is relevant today and, if so, how so?
    The Police - martocciar, Thu Apr 7 10:38
    The police kill Radio with a chokehold, an action that shifts the emphasis to police brutality and reminds 1989 viewers (and possibly some 2016 viewers) of real-life incidences. Do you think Lee sets up this shift in emphasis well or does it seem to come (prepare for a cliche) from left field ? If yes or no, explain.
    Malcolm X's gets the last word - martocciar, Thu Apr 7 10:31
    Spike Lee's movie ends with two quotations--one by Martin Luther King, Jr. and one by Malcolm X. Is Lee giving his opinion by having Malcolm X get the last word? Do you think the movie advocates either one of these viewpoints? Here again are the two quotations: Violence as a way of achieving racial justice is both... more

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