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Applicant Tracking Software Hiring processes have changed drastically over the past few decades. Gone are the days when candidates submitted paper resumes and awaited indefinitely for responses. More than 70% of the world’s companies have changed their recruitment processes . Today, efficient applicant tracking... more
Applicant Tracking Software Building your very own company can be a great experience. Indeed it is a journey that requires the right minds and decisions. Individuals with successful startup stories have always had wonderful people to help them through. If you want your recruitment startup to enjoy a happy story, you... more
Hiring the right candidates will no longer be a challenging task. How is this possible? Thanks to the advanced and innovative technology that has made recruiting process is so easy and simple.  Applicant tracking software has taken the field by storm. Technology has successfully brought a transformation in all spheres ... more
Recruiter Recruiting mistakes are common while the hiring process in on its high. But a little concentration to the major ones can enhance the efficiency of the process and helps you achieve better results. List some common mistakes that can happen during the process and check if you have avoided them. All it takes is ... more
Key to get best from the interview - ATS System, Thu Jun 30 02:02
Interviews play a major role in the Hiring process . Well conducted interviews can lead to great quality of hires. Get ready to take the interview with asking the right questions to candidate Questions need to be prepared in advance of the interview. Interviews can sometimes take different directions. Without having... more

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