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Applicant Tracking Software If you scan through the internet, you will come across a new article regarding applicant tracking systems almost every day. Some of these articles are legitimate about the works that can be done using an ATS solution. One the other hand, some will hurt the chances of you bagging a good... more
For additional information     Click Here Applicant tracking system ( ATS ) is also known as a candidate management system . It is responsible for handling talent acquisition and post- recruitment tasks like goal management, performance tracking and career improvement. The ATS solution is fine-tuned to make... more
What is Applicant Tracking Solution - ATS System, Mon Aug 22 05:05
Today’s recruiting environment is much different than it was in 90’s when applicant tracking system first came on the scene. Job boards eventually overtook print media, and recruitment advertising shifted from the Sunday newspaper classifieds to the Internet. Employers and recruiters started having a problem managing... more
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