Welcome to Kabal's Feet Bistro! You can find somebody who wants their feet eaten or you can offer your feet for a meal! We are looking for some feet recipes too! Feel free to post your deal!
Admin's feet for a meal - kabal, Tue Sep 20 23:22
Male feet (25 yrs) for your meal, size 11 US aprox. Wide and meaty soles. Eat them raw and alive only. Reply for make a deal
Welcome to Kabal's Feet Bistro!! - YourWebApps Support, Tue Sep 20 22:39
Welcome! In this site you can: - Find a good pair of feet for a meal - Offer your feet for some foot gourmet - Post feet-eating stories - Share some pics of well-prepared footmeals - Make deals for a good foot meal Put in the subject your request and enjoy! Please let us know of any questions or problems. You can... more

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