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american legion child molesting children, chaplains, coaches - American Legion History Project Mark Seavey, Mon Aug 14 09:20 American Legion History Project American Legion chaplains, coaches, officials and managers raping little boys and girls. 100 years of child molesting inside the American Legion Category Education License Standard YouTube License
  • No Subject - , Mon Aug 14 09:22
    Mark Seavey Boys Nation American Legion made frequent blunt and unsavory remarks. At one point the slogan which he has used to accompany his name is "I know, I know, you'd rather be with your vibrator". He tells about a he almost was able to have sex with, but had to throw her out because "she's married to a deployed... more
    Dangers of Using Generic Viagra - localgum, Fri Oct 21 10:04
    Generic Viagra has been produced resulting in a lot of people getting misguided. To put things in perspective, generic Viagra has been regarded as illegal because of the potential dangers it poses to a manís health. Generic Viagra may contain ingredients that are not appropriate. Initially, generic Viagra has the... more
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