The Secret Passageways

What are you doing here? The secret passageways are secret and off-limits! What - no - don’t say lumos! Now you’ve done it. You’ve scared the spiders away. Great. Don’t think they won’t alert the ghosts to your presence. Not that they really need to, seeing how much your footsteps are echoing. Yes, I did say ghosts. They’re around here somewhere. What? No, I’m not lying about the ghosts to get you out of here! How rude. Sheesh. Don’t expect any further help from me in finding your way through here. You found your way in and you can find your way out yourself. And don’t think you can conveniently make a post on this board and get some help from another student. Don’t you do it! I’m keeping an eye on you.

Please do not post here unless your character has applied to and been accepted at RMI.

||Homepage|| ||Administrative Quarters|| ||Finer Diner|| ||Library||
Lecture Hall|| ||Outdoor Classroom|| ||Practical Lab||
||Aquila|| ||Cetus|| ||Draco|| ||Lyra||
Pearl Street Mall|| ||Theater|| ||Rec Center|| ||Quidditch Pitch|| ||OOC||

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