The Finer Diner

As students watch the tall, golden prairie grass pass them by, many find it disconcerting to realize that they are in an underground school for magic. Instead of a cafeteria, the expansive Finer Diner feels like the dining car of a train, complete with moving scenery that can be seen out of the 'windows' of the car. Small, personable tables for groups of five or so students are scattered around the room most days. Abundant meals appear on the tables at appropriate times, with a variety of options available on each table for even the most picky eater. On special occasions, such as the Welcoming Feast, the small, round tables that are usually scattered around the room are replaced by five magnificent bonfires and the food-laden tables are instead replaced by house-elf servers who carry trays with a multitude of international foods for students to sample.

Please do not post here unless your character has applied to and been accepted at RMI.

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