The library is a refuge for the studious and a valuable resource for answering curiosities on any topic. Rich wooden bookshelves dominate the space and feature an expansive variety of texts in multiple languages. A separate section of select Muggle literature can even be found near the checkout desk. Rows of study carrels are available for those looking for private workspaces while long tables, scattered throughout the area, are ideal for group work. Plush armchairs can be found in various nooks and near the library’s three roaring fireplaces, providing students with a place to curl up with a book (and, on occasion, sneak a quick nap). A computer lab is the latest addition to the library and offers students access to an online encyclopedia and to a basic chat system. The lab is often used during Cultural Studies classes, and students occasionally sneak in a game of Minesweeper, Pinball, and Solitaire while doing research.

Please do not post here unless your character has applied to and been accepted at RMI.

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