Recreation Center

The Rec Center offers students a welcome reprieve from the woes of homework, teenage angst, and general boredom. It’s the center (pun intended) of student life and provides a plethora of activities to keep even the idlest of minds entertained. A large cabinet in the far corner contains games such as Wizard’s Chess, Exploding Snap, and Gobstones, which can be played at any of the tables nearby. Foosball and pool are other popular games and can draw quite a crowd, particularly when impromptu challenges are raised. A large, magically heated pool (waterfalls and water slides included) dominates the remainder of the room. The Rec Center is ultimately a place where students of different Houses can mingle together and plays an important role in RMI’s tight-knit community.

Please do not post here unless your character has applied to and been accepted at RMI.

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