Plush, red, velvet-like seats are silent spectators to the RMI stage at all times although the rows, divided into three sections, are full to bursting during theatrical performances. The exit and entrance are at the rear of the theater, behind the audience seating and a staircase outside the theater, reserved for crew members only, offers access to the tech booth. The stage itself is wide, with classic crimson curtains framing it. A ten-foot deep pit, charmed to prevent accidental falls, sits between the stage and the audience, framed by a pair of stairs leading from audience-level to stage-level. The pit is accessible via a staircase situated backstage. Also backstage is a large room for set storage (stage right) and a hallway that leads to dressing rooms for students of all genders, the prop room, the makeup room and the director's room.

Please do not post here unless your character has applied to and been accepted at RMI.

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