The horn of the house of Yaohsharal - Yaohdah, Sun Nov 25 03:26
The geneaology of Zarobabal Abram Ya’ohtsakhak Ya’ohghakab Ya’ohdah Parats Khatsron Ram Ghamaynadab Nakhshon Shalmon Ba-ghaz Ghobad Yashay Doayd Shalamah Rakhab-gham Ab-Ya’oh Asa Ya’oh-shapat Ya’oh-ram Akhaz-Ya’oh Ya’oh-ash Amats-Ya’oh Ghazar-Ya’oh Ya’oh-tham Akhaz Khazak-Ya’oh Manashah Amon Yash-Ya’oh Ya’oh-yakaym... more
Where is Abram's place of birth? - Yaohdah, Sat Nov 24 10:44
Or Chashdaym (אור כשדים), commonly MIS-translated as "Ur of the Chaldees," is a city mentioned in the Ghabaray Thorah as the birthplace of the Patriarch Abram (Gen 11:28, 31; 15:7; Neh 9:7). It is the city of Ura in northern Mesopotamia near Harran. It is NOT located at... more
Welcome to 12 Tribes Discussion Group - Yaohdah Ban Dor, Fri Feb 10, 2017 02:51
Moving over from FB messenger
Thorah Genesis - Yahdah Ban Dor, Sun Sep 3, 2017 05:22

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