1- You must use the search feature first!!!!. Enter the first or last name of the player. If it is a funky name use part of the name.. So if you get no match it means your player is still available. But make sure you spelled it right and if it is a funky name you tried a few letters of it to be safe.. It is the OWNERS responsibility to do this. We won't stop the draft or go back and give you players taken in the meantime afterward so PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!!

2- Click Post message.

3-In the Authors line put your team name. Denver, Carolina, Arizona ect

4- In the subject line please do this EXACTLY as below. Pick X.x, Last Name,First,Position hit enter or submit

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16.7 Thomas, Dallas G (nm) - Houston, Mon May 1 13:42
late,Edwards,Lavar,DE-OLB - dallas, Mon May 1 11:14
cutting Whitehurst,Charlie,QB
19.1, Blythe, Austin, C/G (nm) - San Diego Chargers, Mon May 1 10:15
18.1, Mettenburger, Zach, QB (nm) - San Diego Chargers, Mon May 1 10:15
17.1, Spikes, Brandon, LB (nm) - San Diego Chargers, Mon May 1 10:14
16.1, Marquez, Bradley, WR (nm) - San Diego Chargers, Mon May 1 10:14
please add Webb, Joe, QB-WR - Denver, Mon May 1 07:06
and drop Jones, Jonathan, CB. Thanks!
add Hewitt, Ryan - Minnesota, Mon May 1 01:00
drop O'Shaunassey TE
Add Karras, Ted C-G - Minnesota, Mon May 1 00:54
Drop devey, Jordan G-T
add De Ossie OLB - Minnesota, Mon May 1 00:52
drop Lovato olb
27.2, Webb, J'marcus, G-T - Cleveland, Mon May 1 00:16
Drop Audi Cole ILB
15.5, McCluster, Dexter, RB (nm) - Detroit, Mon May 1 00:15
14.15, Hurst, Demontre, CB (nm) - Detroit, Mon May 1 00:14
13.19, Morris, Stephen, QB (nm) - Detroit, Mon May 1 00:13
12.2, Bostick, Brandon, TE (nm) - Detroit, Mon May 1 00:11
11.2, Prosinski, Chris, S (nm) - Detroit, Mon May 1 00:10
Pick 16.4, Jordan, Mike, CB (nm) - Baltimore, Sun Apr 30 23:03
21.6 Quandre Diggs CB (nm) - Arizona, Sun Apr 30 21:27

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