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Long-Lasting Hearing Aids Batteries - soresmicky, Tue Nov 21 17:22
Most people are surprised to learn that they’ve hearing loss problem. However, there are several other startling facts you didn’t know about hearing loss and hearing aid devices. #1. Hollowed-Out Horns were once used as Hearing Aids In the bye-gone era, long before the geniuses came up with the nifty hearing aid... more
In the past decade or so, we’ve seen an influx of excellent hearing aid companies in South Africa. That means you can get a free hearing test and garner top-of-the-line hearing aids without going deep into your pockets. However, maintaining your hearing aids in excellent working condition is crucial. After all, you... more
Young adults often have the mind set that they won’t have to care about an ailment that won’t affect them until they are much older- such as hearing loss. Even still, young adults and even today’s children should be taking care with what they expose their ears to. Hearing Aids for Sale A study that was released showed ... more
Different people require different kinds of hearing aids , thanks to technology we are able to make this possible. Some hearing aids are more complex and more expensive than others, but these digital or electronic devices still require the help of an audiologist for a proper fitting. Along with the proper... more
Johannesburg based Hearing Aid Labs Hearing loss if untreated can cause psychological implications such as shame and problems concentrating as well as depression and low self-esteem. Physical implications may include headaches, stress and increased blood pressure. If left untreated hearing loss can also have social... more
The truth that two ears are higher than one is nicely-established. The human hearing aid integrates records from both ears presenting advantages in terms of loudness, localization, sound first-rate, noise suppression, speech readability and listening in noise. The capability to selectively attend to specific sounds,... more
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