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Why is ayurvedic urea so expensive? - Braun, Thu Apr 26 06:21
Why is this grow taller product ayurvedic urea so expensive? What's the main reason behind it? Prices like 10k 20k 30k is over exaggerated price that cannot be matched to normal buyers. Why is this so dearer? Please explain? Thanks
Ayurvedic urea embassador - Rita M, Sun Jul 2 19:20
When he was Ambassador to the workers of ayurvedic urea in front of everyday by focusing on increased, Embassy and the Embassy will continue to provide services and expeditious manner controversy, actually, he claimed to have swiss ayurvedic urea editing. Embassy consular procedures and awareness programs for... more
  • Ayurvedic Urea buy online - mama, Thu Apr 26 00:43
    Hi how to buy ayurvedic urea online? what are some of the tips to be followed? Since there are lots of fake products how do you suggest me to buy? thanks
  • does ayurvedic urea really work? - Rita M, Sun Jul 2 19:17
    Hello I want to know whether the himalayan miracle grow taller height increaser ayurvedic urea really work or not? Where did you purchase it from and what are the possible long term growth? How much height did you gain guys please post here?
  • what is the original price for ayurvedic urea and how to buy it in Canada?
    • 30000 - Dave, Sun Mar 25 01:22
    • 10k+ - sikh, Sun Mar 25 01:12
  • Who tried ayurvedic urea after 20? - Baer, Sun Jul 16 12:49
    Hey folks I am Baer and I am 23 years old with growth plates fused? Will it work on me? Has anyone tried this product after 20 years old? Please let me know?
    • me - chinese customer, Sun Mar 25 01:16
  • who are you to say - Jane, Sun Jul 2 19:29
    who are you to say good bad about ayurvedicurea? Aren't you the one who is short? Just grow taller man.
  • Duplicate FAke ayurvedic urea - Rita M, Sun Jul 2 19:23
    Beware of sellers from India and Uk they supply fake ayurvedic urea see for more details..
    • nice - wendy gir, Sun Mar 25 01:14
  • Official website of Ayurvedic Urea - Rita M, Sun Jul 2 19:22
    If you guys aren't aware of the fact that the only true manufacturers are the official guys and here is their web page You can contact them and negotiate price and they are the only one selling original urea. Have a good day.
  • Ayurvedic Urea sellers in india? - Rita M, Sun Jul 2 19:21
    where do you find true real legit ayurvedic urea sellers in India? How do you buy from them?
  • Why ayurvedic urea is a miracle? - Rita M, Sun Jul 2 19:21
    Do you know the possible reason why this medicine to increase your height is considered as a miracle?
    • ok - sikh, Sun Mar 25 01:13
  • What is your height? - Rita M, Sun Jul 2 19:18
    at what age did you tried ayurvedic urea? how old were you at that time?
    • 22 - sikh, Sun Mar 25 01:12
  • Very happy it worked - tabby nitro, Sun Mar 18 01:52
    This is for real it works. I am 25 and it worked. Male 250 pounds. Total height gained 4.3 inches from using 4 inches pack of ayurvedicurea. Blessed...
  • no where no way buddy.. duplicate is found everywhere stick to original
  • using after 30 years? - Marcus, Fri Jul 21 12:13
    so can we use ayurvedic urea after 30 years crossed? I am 30 today?
    • yes - experienced boy, Sun Mar 18 01:50
  • No Subject - beba , Fri Aug 25 17:29
    hi i wanna ask if i can buy the original ayurvedic urea 6 inches , i just have 20000$ can i buy it with this amount ?
    • no - experienced boy, Sun Mar 18 01:49
  • hey folks just curious to know about ayurvedic urea supplement.. heard a lot of wonder stories from friends. I want to buy the 4 inch liquid but I don't want to buy from official website because price is unaffordable there. So could you please suggest any secure place to buy it easily? Do I still need to reserve?
  • Ayurvedic Urea review testimonial - Rita M, Sun Jul 2 19:24
    If you are looking for honest ayurvedic urea review and testimonial don't forget to visit Andrew page at he has written excellent post with pictures.
    Where did you buy Ayurvedic Urea? - Rita M, Sun Jul 2 19:14
    Hi I am Rita and I want to know where did you buy original Ayurvedic urea from and if it truly work on you or not? I am 5.2 and want to grow taller and it just looks like Ayurvedic urea is my last bet to grow. I have tried multiple height increasing stuffs but they didn't work at all. I hope urea works on me. please... more
    • hi - Rita M, Sun Jul 2 19:15
  • Welcome to Ayurvedic Urea - YourWebApps Support, Sun Jul 2 19:12
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