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1 Year Division Environment The one year class is extremely spacious.  This class is equipped with a fridge to ensure your little oneís milk / snacks are kept fresh. They have a big area to crawl around with all kinds of stimulating toys to entertain them. The 1 year class has their own play area which is covered ... more
When we speak of early childhood education we mean education of children between the ages of a few months to 5 years old. This suggests that it does not typically start and end in the classroom. Early childhood training is the most crucial phase of educational development as it is from this phase that future... more
You may feel like itís too early to send your child to any type of school, but nursery school is essential to setting your child up for success in the future. At nursery school children learn all kinds of important academic social skills. In fact, it is at nursery school that the foundations of your childís education... more
Angels Academy pre-primary school - angelsacademy58, Tue Jul 25 22:33
Angels Academy pre-primary school is committed to the provision of quality early childhood education which can be measured in terms of; education concept and practice; structural quality; interactions between educators and children. Angels Academy nursery school and pre-primary school will continue to enhance... more
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