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Question - GeekGuy, Sat May 5 05:43
The comic drawn art picture is that from a specific story or inspired by a specific story and if so which one do you guys think it would be from? PS it would be okay if I just asked questions on this board I thought it was you sure it's the right place
  • test - Blondie., Mon Apr 16 16:29
    Felicity Chronicles, Chapters 1 thru 11
    Test - Blondie., Mon Nov 27 13:56
    This is only a test test
  • Retribution - Blondie., Mon Nov 27 16:41
    Carlene laid gloomily on her bed in her dorm room. Her roommate had gone home for the weekend. Carlene appreciated the solitude, but she really needed to talk to someone. She called her friend Paula. "Carlene," answered Paula. "How are you doing?" "Well, I've been better." "Uh oh," retorted a concerned Paula. It was... more
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