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I would like for my husband to have to answer and post an interview dealing with his discipline, and his self-abuse habits. I would also like questions about his preferred style (girls) of underwear. Again, I wold like this to be quite embarrassing!
no new messages -, Wed Feb 7 11:13
time to post something!
online discipline/male or female - dominate daddy, Mon Jan 8 20:13
Strong accountability, respond by email.
  • who do you obey? -, Mon Jan 1 13:04
    Husband obey God Wife obey husband Children obey mom and dad Too hard to understand?
    Lester Roloff comment: -, Fri Dec 22 13:52
    “Better a pink bottom than a black soul.” What do you say about this?
  • No Subject -, Thu Dec 28 11:52 Only Cane Can Restore Discipline: Zulu King On Corporal Punishment Read more:
    MERRY CHRISTMAS! -, Mon Dec 25 21:18
    Hope everyone was blessed, Jesus died to make it possible...
    first post -, Thu Dec 21 12:50
    Check back frequently...
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