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High School Physicals Chapter 5 -, Fri Apr 6 11:22
Chapter 5 The entire school was buzzing with talk about the girls seeing 15 boys naked and punished with swats by other girls in the school and the girls getting to handle their private parts while they're genitals were punished and finally 1 boy made to masturbate in front of the girls and having his own spunk thrown ... more
High School Physicals Chapter 4 -, Fri Apr 6 11:20
Chapter 4 When only the boys who had cum were left, Ms Swank addressed the girls. “So these boys, in addition to not being mature enough to control their erections, also ejaculated in front of everyone, embarrassing the girls and making a mess. What shall we do to them?” A few suggestions came from the bleachers. “I... more
High School Physical Chapter 3 -, Tue Feb 27 02:31
Chapter 3 “My turn!” said an excited Marie. Jonathan hopped down, covered his privates, and started to head towards his locker. “Oh, No You Don't! Hands at your side! Better yet, lock your fingers behind your neck!” yelled Vice Principal Swank. Jonathan reluctantly moved his hands behind his head. Just as he... more
High School Physical Chapter 2 -, Tue Feb 27 02:18
Chapter 2 “OK, girls. The boys have started preparing for their physical exams. In a moment, I will lead you in and to the back where you will prepare also. I want to warn you, the way we have everything setup, we are trying to protect your privacy, so the boys are using the rows and benches just inside. You will have ... more
High School Physicals Chapter 1 -, Tue Feb 27 02:02
Chapter 1 “We can't take the kids out of class. We have the Standardized Tests coming. You know we have to do good on those. It affects our funding and raises” said the High School English teacher, Ms. Hawkins. “Well, what do you propose?” asked Vice Principal Ms. Swank. “What if we had them done during lunch time. We ... more
High School Physicals Synopsis -, Tue Feb 27 01:54
Synopsis With testing coming up and all the students are mandated by the state to get a physical to assess problems and prevent future lawsuits, the High School is forced to come up with a fast efficient way to perform physicals for all the students. Since boys physicals are more invasive and the women are in charge,... more

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