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All About Accounting and Bookkeeping in 2018 - wesselsassociatessa, Wed Jul 4 16:09
“Who will keep the books of the business?”  is a question that many sole practitioners and small businesses ask themselves. Whether you do it yourself or choose to hire someone else to do it for you, bookkeeping is essential. Properly maintained books will assist you to analyse your business performance and plan... more
Indications of a strong internal control environment - wesselsassociatessa, Thu May 31 22:38
What is internal control?  It is the system of checks and balances to ensure the company’s financial records are accurate and reliable being the result of transactions that are carried out and recorded timeously, accurately and efficiently. The effectiveness of internal controls is dependent on management’s... more
We can assist you with setting up and maintaining an Asset R - wesselsassociatessa, Mon Apr 23 20:26
Back to Basics: Accounting for Assets Asset Management Policies Assets versus Expenses When you process payments into your accounting software the decision must be made there and then whether the payment should be categorized as an asset or an expense. It is therefore important for the processor to understand what the ... more
Physical control over fixed assets - Wessels Accounting - wesselsassociatessa, Tue Apr 3 22:19
The objectives of an asset management policy are to ensure that assets are managed and accounted for by: Compliance with legislation and accounting standards ; Compliance with accounting policies ; Physical control over fixed assets ; Accurate recording of fixed assets and related transactions; Providing management... more
Welcome to South African Institute of Chartered Accountant - YourWebApps Support, Tue Apr 3 22:18
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