Chapter 6 -, Fri Apr 6 11:18
Disciplining The Neighborhood Kids - 6 Robert and Johnny get caught Robert and Johnny split up with Ricky and head towards the Thompson house. This was going to be difficult. The Thompson's live ¾ of a mile from the beach and a few blocks over. That's almost 13 blocks! Robert takes them down an alleyway. They have to... more
Chapter 5 -, Fri Apr 6 11:18
Disciplining The Neighborhood Kids - 5 Oh My, The Girl Scouts The boys head down the trail to the beach. Their still naked of course. Johnny has been through this already once. He had to sneak home about 6 blocks. He went through back yards, sprinted down an ally way,then when he got home, he climbed a tree and... more
Chapter 4 -, Fri Apr 6 11:17
Disciplining The Neighborhood Kids - 4 Hooking Johnny... One of the things we like about my Uncle and Cousin's house is that it is not far from the beach. The beach area is so soft that you can't drive on it with regular cars. You can barely get through there in a 4 wheel drive truck. There's hardly ever anyone there. ... more
Chapter 3 -, Fri Apr 6 11:16
Disciplining The Neighborhood Kids - 3 The boys get caught... Robbie knocked on the guest room door and came right in to wake us up. I think he should have waited for us to answer him before barging in. Anyway, we got up and made ourselves decent and came down for breakfast. Mamma jumped in right away “You'll have to... more
Chapter 2 -, Fri Apr 6 11:14
Disciplining The Neighborhood Kids - 2 The Pranksters Are Caught "You know. Seems like they know we are in there watching the show every time they do it. Maybe we could set a trap for them. You think these boys are sweet on you Rachael? Is that why they are doing it?" I was not ready for that question. "Well, I don't... more
Chapter 1 -, Fri Apr 6 11:13
Disciplining The Neighborhood Kids - 1 A look back at discipline the way it used to be... We were sitting in our living room watching TV. It was another episode of the walking dead. I hate zombie movies, but a chance to spend time with my uncle and my dad, I'm in. The episodes were really not a surprise. The actors... more
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