Middle School Physicals Chapter 6 - who.da.man.2000, Fri Apr 6 11:51
Chapter 6 “Mom?” “Matthew. We have a little unfinished business. You had a little outburst earlier, you hate everyone, your going to run away, so you have a punishment coming. You are going to get 15 swats with the brush and then we are going home. So let's get this over with.” With that, she sat down on a chair in... more
Middle School Physicals Chapter 5 - who.da.man.2000, Fri Apr 6 11:50
Chapter 5 They stayed in Rebecca's room for a while. They heard the front door. There was the sound of conversation downstairs. They tried to listen in. Suddenly Rebecca's sister stepped up to her door. “Mom wants to talk to you 2 downstairs” Sarah reported, and then ran off back downstairs. Rebecca and Matthew got up ... more
Middel School Physicals Chapter 4 - who.da.man.2000, Fri Apr 6 11:49
Chapter 4 Matthew stayed up in his room thinking about the morning events. Forced to strip naked, exposed to his classmates and even a girl who lives down the block from him, given a physical in front of his classmates, and finally being handled by the same girl that lived down the block from him. Around 3:45 he... more
Middle school Physicals Chapter 3 - who.da.man.2000, Fri Apr 6 11:46
Chapter 3 Amy didn't even wait to be told. She stepped off the scale and walked over to George. Rebecca stepped up to the scale as if hurrying towards her own chance with a penis. As Susan started on Rebecca's basics, Amy reached out and grabbed George's small dick. “Amy! Your supposed to weigh him and get his height, ... more
Middle School Physicals Chapter 2 - who.da.man.2000, Fri Apr 6 11:44
Chapter 2 From his new seat, he could actually see a girl in the girl's exam area and she was fully dressed! That's not fair! Just then, a naked boy hurried out of the exam area. He didn't even try to cover up, he just hurried over, dropped a paper on the table in front of Tammy and dropped the towel in the laundry... more
Middel school Physicals Chapter 1 - who.da.man.2000, Fri Apr 6 11:44
Chapter 1 Matthew was having a great summer. He had finally left Elementary School and was moving on to Junior High. The school district has 5 Elementary Schools that feed into the Middle School which meant that about 400 students were entering the same grade as Matthew. The school had sent home some paperwork at the... more
Middel school Physicals -Synopsis - who.da.man.2000, Fri Apr 6 11:43
Synopsis Students entering Middle School at Amelia Earhart Middle School are required to have a physical before being allowed to enter classes. The school sets up the multipurpose building as a make shift clinic to perform the exams. It results in some very embarrassing moments for the boys as all the adults feel... more
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