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Unexpected delays and changes - starkholdingss, Tue Sep 18 21:33
Building construction Durban has come a long way. Despite the advancements in technology and construction techniques, a lot of construction Durban projects are still faced with the issue of delays. Project delays are a major concern for any business that is in property development Durban. Not only do delays impact... more
To promote environment-friendly construction or rehabilitation of roads and main pavements in Durban , Civil Engineering Contractors are opting to reuse existing construction materials . Not only is it an eco-friendly way, but itís also a smart way of slashing construction costs , according to Engineering News . But... more
We are proud to be a property development company based in Durban with a reputation for high quality, excellent craftsmanship, and dedication to client satisfaction and eco-friendliness. Weíve been engaged with small and large scale property developments in South Africa. At Stark Holding, we offer multi-faceted... more
Civil Engineering Contractor Durban Ė Stark Holding - starkholdingss, Thu Jul 26 22:56
At Stark Holding, we pride ourselves on being the most comprehensive civil engineering contractor in KZN. We have had the privilege of being involved in a range of the best civil engineering projects in and around Durban. In all of our modern civil engineering projects, we are dedicated and motivated to deliver... more
At Stark Holding, we take great pride at being the leading provider of construction project management solutions in Durban. We have an unrivalled team of highly trained and experienced construction consultants. Our primary goal is to deliver quality in construction management consulting. Our core expertise is... more
Construction management for a wide array of clients - starkholdingss, Tue Jul 10 22:56
If you are working on a† building construction Durban †development project, a† civil engineering contractor Durban †is one of the most important people you can have on hand. Your civil engineer will be responsible for overseeing every aspect of your† property development Durban †from† project management Durban †to... more
The odds are that youíve heard about the nightmares associated with hiring an inexperienced contractor. It not only leads to a vicious cycle of delays but will also cost you thousands, if not millions of Randís in the long run. In the current economy, thatís simply unacceptable. Thatís why it pays to hire a civil... more
If you have ever used a well-constructed road or come across a parking lot design that you liked, you may not know it, but none of those things would be possible without a qualified civil engineering contractor Durban . The role of a civil engineer cannot be overlooked if you are planning on investing in property... more
Civil engineers are the brains behind the construction of those skyrockets that rule our urban skies as well as all the other mega construction projects . They are the ones accredited to handle all the planning, managing and development of massive construction tasks , including upgrading existing structures and... more
When it comes to property development in Durban, - starkholdingss, Fri May 25 19:53
Based out of Morningside, KZN, Stark Holdings is a premier civil engineering company with an eloquent dream of building vibrant communities and making a difference in everyday lives of people in them. Over the years, we have leveraged state of the art construction techniques , the latest machinery, and a team of... more
Welcome to Building Construction Durban - YourWebApps Support, Fri May 25 19:49
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