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Hello, and welcome to the Superheroines Erotic Story Board! Here you can post any stories, discussions, or fanfiction about superpowered women in sexual situations while saving the day and fighting evil.

This board allows stories featuring superheroines from:

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• Video Games

• Superhero-Themed Manga and Anime

Stories featuring original superheroines are allowed on the board as well.

The stories can include sexual encounters, stripping, nudity, or ENF if wanted. Stories featuring extreme violence, scat, urine, or graphic gore are not allowed.

Please use this thread to post any stories featuring sexy female crimefighters in action for your benefits. Enjoy, be nice, and have fun!

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Chantilly Lace - Kodek, Sun Jul 8 11:48pm
Another old story I found on OneClickChicks. Enjoy! Chantilly Lace: Superheroine for The Age of Lowered Expectations In The Bullies Yvonne Doolittle was making breakfast in the kitchen of her family's doublewide trailer on what started out to be a typical day. She was still wearing her white cotton nightgown and her... more
Naked Girl: Origin Story - Kodek, Sun Jul 8 11:45pm
Here's an old story I found from a user named tenyari over Asstr. Hope you enjoy! Author: Tenyari Title: Naked Girl - Origin Story. (4433 Words) Part: Chapter 1 Universe: Naked Supers Keywords: F, nosex, solo, exhib, voy, Super, naked Summary: Marya, a girl from the hood, finds herself a Superhuman; but with a catch.... more
  • no longer posting - donnylaja, Fri Jun 29 7:43am
    I hope this storyboard gets going, but without some effort to draw people to it, posting further chapters of my story is a waste of time. I hope things change.
    Dareen: The Story of NakedGirl, Part 15 - donnylaja, Thu Jun 21 9:04am
    Dareen: The Story of NakedGirl, Part 15 Her light brown, delicate shoulders were what one noticed first, as she stood on the ATM line on the outdoor mall on this hot Sunday afternoon. Fiddling with her little purse, grabbing and pulling a couple of dollars from the little front pocket of her tiny jean shorts, slender... more
    Chapter 1: Selina dove, her body twisting in the warm night air. The moonlight reflected off her black leather suit. She leaped across the gaping void between two towering buildings, a jump almost no other human in the world could make. She landed rolling, coming to a stop in a crouch, then starting into a run. Every... more
  • A Sensual Showdown - magicmerlon, Sun Jun 3 7:45pm
    “Drop the vault, Titania!” Dynamo Girl demanded. She struck a pose in the street to the delight of onlookers The villain snarled in reply, still holding the huge vault above her head easily with one hand. “If you insist!” she said, and threw it at the buxom hero. Dynamo Girl leapt to the side, narrowly avoiding the... more
  • NakedGirl: The Story of Dareen (Part 1) - donnylaja, Sat Jun 2 9:09pm
    To give your new blog a sendoff, here's the first chapter. Good luck! NakedGirl: The Story of Dareen, Part 1 In spite of the load in front of her she found herself running as if in a dream. It seemed so unreal, so silly, to keep running into the rain falling harder on this warm July night, away from her car, the sound ... more
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