Product Description: Email: Skype ID:sale8_120 Contact person:Lilly Liu Web: Jiangsu Watson Biotechnology Co.,ltd We are legal supplier of pharmaceutical intermediates in China. We only use our companyís mailbox for sale. Please donít trust other form of emailís which... more
Lilly Liu Skype ID:sale8_120 Research chemicals:5F-ADB,5F-MDMB-2201,BK-EBDP,5fadb,bkebdp,FUBAMB,HEXEN,NM2201, 4-CEC,4F-PHP,4C-PVP,4CL-PVP,MD-PHP,4-CDC,4-MPD etc Name: JIANGSU WATSON BIOTECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD Contact Person: Lilly Liu Address: Jinfeng international community, Jinfeng Road,... more
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