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Pleasant Surprises - Gunslinger, Tue Oct 9 02:05
It's kind of hard to imagine now, but long before the advent of the Internet, there was a time when sightings of the cancan were notoriously few and far between. Subsequently, the unexpected appearance of the CC on TV always raised a minor storm of attention. Back in the days when the dance was still considered... more
Animated gifs - Club CCD, Mon Oct 8 23:39
"I've got no strings to hold me down..."
Cancan on DeviantArt - DeviantART, Mon Oct 8 04:30
Originals posted on DA under a creative commons license. Click image to enlarge.
Wild Wild West Revisited - Gunslinger, Mon Oct 8 02:49
1979 telemovie sequel to the 1960s TV series, a surprisingly faithful callback to the heyday of TV westerns. Cancan scene not bad overall, though the costumes could have used a little extra work. Lasts just over a minute, followed by some good-natured banter between Jim West and the lead chorus girl.... more
Pulp Magazines - Club CCD, Sun Oct 7 00:32
Classic cover art from the golden age of pulp fiction. The first two are by Enoch Bolles, one of the more prolific pin-up artists of his time, contributing to spicy pulps such as Film Fun and French Night Life during his most productive era.
Posting Links - Club CCD, Sat Oct 6 22:58
General announcement: users can post links to the board at will, no need for advanced HTML skills.
Windy skirt on DA - DeviantART, Sat Oct 6 09:26
selected pictures from deviant art. originals posted on DA under a creative commons license.
Distant memories - Gunslinger, Sat Oct 6 06:35
In common with a lot of people within the community, I first discovered the CC when I was extremely young, long before I entered kindergarten, as a matter of fact. Subsequently, I have a lot of memories I can't really attach a name to - movies, advertisements and TV shows that were pretty obscure to begin with and... more
Mandela Effect? - Gunslinger, Sat Oct 6 05:17
Has anybody else here ever experienced the "Mandela Effect" in relation to the cancan? Maybe it's just me, but whenever I watch one of the "golden oldies" from my youth, I often find myself thinking 'That's not how I remember it.' Looking back through the lens of memory, the cancan always seemed bigger and wilder and... more
Welcome to Club CCD - Club CCD, Sat Oct 6 03:49
Hi all, welcome to the board. Feel free to introduce yourself here (although we probably already know each other from all the years we've spent posting on Yahoo Groups), and discuss whatever you find interesting about the CC. The Management.

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