Obesity & Diabetes Management

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All three patients had drastic fall in Hb1Ac levels - whdevilliers1980, Mon Oct 22 20:54
This case series documents three patients referred to the Intensive Dietary Management clinic in Toronto, Canada , for insulin-dependent type 2 diabetes . It demonstrates the effectiveness of therapeutic fasting to reverse their insulin resistance , resulting in cessation of insulin therapy while maintaining control... more
In a Pubmed search for the keywords “ Cancer ” and “ Obesity ” the search results display a total of 27 264 articles related to the subject. In this massive amount of information I tried to select quality articles of research and again look at the facts. As a histopathologist with 30 years experience, I can see that... more
Cholesterol does not cause heart disease!! - whdevilliers1980, Wed Oct 10 10:46
For the last 50 years total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol was seen as the major cause atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. The one trillion dollar anticholesterol therapy is based on this assumption. (Statin therapy). This article was published in “Expert review of clinical Pharmacology”; 10 September 2018.... more
Welcome to Obesity & Diabetes Management - YourWebApps Support, Wed Oct 10 10:37
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Diabetes type 2, metabolic syndrome and obesity is ripping the medical budgets apart all over the world.