Prayers for S*I*Lkie, please......PPan, Tue Aug 22 5:25pm

Happy Birthday, Mothe, Roseola-Infectious Rose!MacWoW BDC, Thu Aug 3 4:38pm

  • Happy Birthday, Aunt Pat, the Century Rose!Anonymous, Sat Jul 22 12:39pm

    Mea Culpa! I missed 2 July 18th birthdays.MacWoW BDC, Thu Jul 20 2:41pm

  • Thoughts on HL 2017PPan, Thu Jul 13 6:07am

  • Happy Birthday, EtainQ!MacWoW BDC, Wed Jul 12 12:23pm

  • Sad news. Mimi MacWoW died today.....Foxy, Thu Jun 22 8:07pm

  • Happy Birthday, Caledonian, Scottish Briar Rose! MacWoW BDC, Thu Jun 22 9:05am

    Very sad news. MacWoW BDC, Mon Jun 12 12:09pm

  • Happy Birthday, Pegins, Inamorata Rose!!MacWoW BDC, Mon Jun 5 8:26am

    Happy Birthday, Bramblerose!MacWoW BDC, Sun May 28 7:17pm

  • Happy Birthday, Joan! MacWoW BDC, Sat May 6 10:56pm

  • Happy Birthday, Sir Rosemary! MacWoW BDC, Fri Apr 28 12:47pm

    Happy Birthday, Stevi, Crimson English Rose! MacWoW BDC, Wed Apr 26 12:41am

  • Happy Birthday, Old Soul, the Sterling Rose! MacWoW BDC, Wed Apr 5 8:19pm

    Happy Birthday, Kasandra Rose!Anonymous, Fri Mar 24 9:36pm

  • Happy Birthday, Morjan, the Limelight Rose!Anonymous, Wed Mar 8 9:17pm

    Happy Belated (3/4) Birthday, Jeanne Rose!MacWoW BDC, Mon Mar 6 9:52am

    Happy Birthday, Foxy, The Blossom Rose! MacWoW BDC, Mon Feb 20 12:34pm

  • Happy Birthday, Lady Charlene!MacWoW BDC, Tue Jan 31 7:00am

    It seems I've missed a mess....Mimi, Thu Jan 26 5:53pm