Happy Birthday, Morjan, the Limelight Rose!Anonymous, Wed Mar 8 9:17pm

Happy Belated (3/4) Birthday, Jeanne Rose!MacWoW BDC, Mon Mar 6 9:52am

Happy Birthday, Foxy, The Blossom Rose! MacWoW BDC, Mon Feb 20 12:34pm

Happy Birthday, Lady Charlene!MacWoW BDC, Tue Jan 31 7:00am

It seems I've missed a mess....Mimi, Thu Jan 26 5:53pm

Happy Birthday Andy, the Green Mountain Rose!MacWoW BDC, Wed Jan 25 1:36pm

Happy Birthday, Cap'n Ppan, the Heather Rose!MacWoW BDC, Tue Jan 24 11:11am

Highlander on nowBramblerose, Sun Jan 15 5:52pm

  • Happy Birthday, Kestrel, the French Lace Rose!MacWoW BDC, Sun Jan 8 8:33pm

    Happy Birthday, Brena Rosal, The Flying Rose!Anonymous, Wed Jan 4 7:47pm

  • Hi..How is everyone doing? (nm)Stevi, Wed Jan 4 6:44pm

    Happy Birthday, Gnu, the Adobe Rose! MacWoW BDC, Thu Dec 22 6:22am

  • Happy Birthday, Kare, the Merry Little Rose!MacWoW BDC, Tue Dec 20 6:47am

  • Happy Birthday, LorMac, the Fantasy Rose!Anonymous, Fri Dec 2 7:59am

  • Happy Birthday, Ladyodenacht!MacWoW BDC, Tue Nov 8 9:53pm

    Happy Birthday, Wild Rose!MacWoW BDC, Sun Nov 6 12:48pm

  • Happy Belated (10/28) Birthday, Blue Rose!MacWoW BDC, Sat Oct 29 12:04pm

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NimNam/Moko Jumbi Rose!!PPan, Wed Oct 26 4:28pm

  • Happy Birthday, MacSmitty!MacWoW BDC, Wed Oct 19 2:24pm