Happy Belated (9/19) Birthday, Kryan, Richie's Rose!MacWoW BDC, Tue Sep 27 11:04am

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Happy Belated Birthday, KLM, The Polar Rose!MacWoW BDC, Sun Sep 4 2:14pm

Happy Birthday, Dagian, the Ramblin' Rose!MacWoW BDC, Fri Sep 2 8:47am

Happy Birthday, Foundling, our lovely friend!MacWoW BDC, Wed Aug 31 9:40am

Happy Birthday Ariel, Rose du Lac!MacWoW BDC, Thu Aug 25 10:05am

Happy Birthday, Jette, the Lothian Rose!MacWoW BDC, Wed Aug 24 3:14pm

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    Happy Birthday, Aunt Pat, the Century Rose!MacWoW BDC, Fri Jul 22 11:37am

    Happy Birthday, Rileah Ringo, the Tipsy Rose!MacWoW BDC, Mon Jul 18 10:27pm

    Happy Birthday, S*I*Lkie, the Invisible Rose!MacWoW BDC, Mon Jul 18 10:23pm

    Happy Birthday, EtainQ!MacWoW BDC, Tue Jul 12 12:13pm

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