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"Iran, And Nothing But Iran."

Aazaadi e Andishe, Hamishe...! Hamishe...!


"There is no force more powerful than the will and determination of the people. As such, the people of Iran will decide the destiny of our homeland."
"Emrooz maa na jomhoori-khaahim, na mashrooteh-khaah, na chapim na raast. Emrooz, hameh, mobaarezaan-e raah-e aazaadiyeh Iraanim."
Reza Pahlavi

"In any case, we should support our country," Ganji said. "I am against the Iranian government and its policies. This is one thing. But it is a different thing to call for the destruction of my own country. If a confrontation like that in Iraq happens in Iran, it could ruin my country. No Iranian desires such a thing. We oppose the Iranian government, and we fight against it. But we will do it by ourselves. What we need is the moral support of civil-society institutions around the world."
Akbar Ganji

خواهر هرزshirin, Fri Jan 8, 2016 08:06

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    "Iran, And Nothing But Iran."

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