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Welcome to this Forum which has been running now for over 10 years
It's traditionally a place for my owners to get in touch with each other and discuss their dogs - sharing experiences - both pleasures and problems, but anyone is welcome to join and post questions. I am now retired and breeding dog full time so I have plenty of time to reply

As you will see from the posts here, our dogs are in families all over Australia and the world, If you are interested in one of my dogs please go to the enquiry form on the web site - or email me at kate@katesfamilypets.com.
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enquiriesinn, Tue Mar 14 00:13
Dear Kate, Just like Bill (message below) I've tried to send an enquiry a number of times, but the link does not seem to work. Our family dog, a beautiful cavoodle boy named Buddy, passed away last month and we miss him terribly. We would definitely like to have a new furry best friend and just love your Cavoodles,... more
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    Enquirybillsteele1, Fri Mar 10 15:11
    Dear Kate I have tried to post an enquiry on the link but it does not seem to be active. I have also sent you and email as we would like to visit you. Could you please reply? Regards Bill
    • contactKate S., Sun Mar 12 20:19
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    Magic mb_tricks, Sun Dec 11 01:33
    I am not sure if we filled in the 2016 survey but I thought I would let you know that since the survey was taken, our dog Magic, born 5th April 2007, has had both of his cruciate ligaments operated on. Also he does have some limpomas. Otherwise he has enjoyed rude good health for his first nine years of his life! (But ... more
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    breeding a multi gen goldendoodlekrista 393, Tue Nov 22 17:23
    I am about to purchase a female F2 goldendoodle puppy to breed only a time or 2 for friends & family who love my F1 goldendoodle. And most importantly to love her like crazy!!:) Question: The female's parents are a standard poodle x F1b goldendoodle making her an F2, (hopefully that's correct). When I cross her to my... more
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    Rosieraosborn, Wed Aug 31 17:50
    Rosie is our 8 year old beautiful chocolate labradoodle She has recently been diagnosed with Progressive Retinal Atrophy which means she will slowly go blind and there's nothing that can be done to correct the condition She seems to have difficulty seeing in darkness or even dim lighting but is still OK in daylight.... more
    • RosieKate S., Sun Oct 9 18:34
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    Farewell Mollypit.rose, Tue Jul 5 00:43
    We had to make the heartbreaking decisions n today to end Molly's life. She was born to Elmo and Blue on 12th April 2001. I don't think we will ever have a dog quite like her. Such sensitivity and intuition made her truly a beautiful companion. Although our family and our 12 yr old labradoodle are shattered we thank... more
    • MollyKate S., Tue Jul 5 21:40
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    Farewell Scruffydeb.day1, Thu Feb 4, 2016 14:30
    Hi Kate, Our Labradoodle Scruffy was born on 30/3/98 in Condoblin and passed away on 15.1.16. She was the most wonderful pet and companion to our family for almost 18 yeas and up until the last year behaved pretty much like a young dog. When we relocated to the UK for 7 years Scruffy traveled with us, and even as a... more
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    Jasperleapsandboundsahead, Thu May 12 17:30
    Hi Kate It was wonderful to get the letter in the mail regarding your survey and I have just filled it in for my beautiful Jasper. I did a road trip from Sydney to Condoblin on December 23 2001 to collect him from you. He has been a loyal and loving companion for all these years and is still going strong. Now he is... more
    • Jasperdzim1, Sun May 15 06:49
    • JasperKate S., Fri May 13 22:11
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    Molly Bensonben 52, Thu May 5 00:37
    Hi Kate It's been a long time since I logged on to your site. My darling Molly is now fifteen and a half! She has slowed down over the last six months (so have I!) but still likes to go to the beach and swim, more like paddle these days. She has arthritis in her back leg and is on cartrophin once a month which helps.... more
    Labradoodle Discussion Forum
    Older DoodlesJenny Powell, Fri May 15, 2015 02:24
    Our Jetsy is 15yrs 4 months and still as beautiful as ever. She is going deaf and blind and has kidney issues but with careful vet care she is still going strong and behaving like a puppy. She loves the family, loves walks and chasing birds. Jetsy was born 28th January 2000 and her parents are Annie and Blue. Are any... more
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    Hi there, I wanted to share my experience with buying from a non-registered breeder. I hope this forum is an appropriate place to share my experiences as I would like to warn other buyers about doing lots of research into finding good quality breeders who care about their dogs. I thought that we were buying from... more
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    Cisco (Frank & Amy's litter)ishtales, Sun Nov 22, 2015 20:09
    Hi Kate, I've been meaning to get in contact for a long time because I would like to know a bit more about my dog, Cisco. I got Cisco from you in 2011 (although I never had any contact with you, it was Joanne) and he has been the best friend I've ever had, and the most wonderful ball of joy anyone could ever hope for... more
    • CiscoKate S., Mon Nov 23 12:47
      • Re: Ciscoishtales, Tue Nov 24 01:46
        • FrankKate S., Tue Nov 24 21:20
          • Frankishtales, Tue Nov 24 21:45
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    A good inningsmcardles, Wed Oct 28, 2015 22:47
    Hi Our labradoodle puppy was born on the 6 January 1998 and passed away on the 8 October 2015 - How old? 17 years, 9 months and 2 days and lived life to the fullest, eating roast chicken, steak, vegies every day! "Emerleigh" walked every day around the block and barked when she wanted attention. She lost her sight... more
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    Sydney BobynAnnalee Beverley, Fri Jul 31, 2015 09:11
    Hi Kate, Have been reading the posts and answered one. Sydney is now almost 15. Born August 18th 2000 I believe. Cataracts and hearing issues as well as dental and back ligament but all in all quite sound. Just starting with some kidney stuff as far as blood tests go. She was experiencing incontinence but now is on... more
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    Older Doodlessherousc, Sun May 10, 2015 18:25
    Hi - Just wanted to report in on Cleo, March 10, 2003. She is still going strong. A little bit of arthritis, so she doesn't run very much, but she still likes to go for long walks (30-60 minutes) daily in addition to numerous shorter walks. She has some skin allergies too. She has been and continues to be a great... more
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    Request USA Family To Adopt A Labradoodlestudio1830, Tue Aug 25, 2015 18:21
    I live in Chicago/USA, and I am adopting one of Kate's puppies. In order to help lessen the shipping costs, I would like to know if anyone in the USA wants to adopt a puppy from Kate's Family Pets so we can split the shipping fees. If you are interested or know anyone in the USA who wants one of Kate's smart and... more
    Labradoodle Discussion Forum
    Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia or AIHAstudio1830, Tue Apr 28, 2015 21:44
    Is anyone familiar with this? Can it be caused by vaccines? We have a newer labradoodle from the US that has been diagnosed with this today. We think it occurred shortly after a vaccine and heart worm treatment.
    • AIHAKate S., Mon May 18 22:28
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    Cruciate ligament operationraedurkin, Mon Aug 25, 2014 20:04
    Dear Kate My beautiful Lucy who will be 13 in November 14 has damaged her cruciate ligament. My vet wants to operate. She is on fish oil daily, however she does not cope well on anti-inflammatory medication. She limps and is in pain. What do you think about this operation. I can't stand to see her in pain, but I am... more
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    Scruffyllwa5050, Tue Apr 28, 2015 01:24
    Hi Kate We have Scruffy. Scruffy was born in March 2006, I think. When Scruffy joined our family we were living in Perth and he arrived with his sister LuLu. We now live in Adelaide. He is the most adorable dog and we love him to bits. We have however just discovered that even though he is micro-chipped he is not... more
    • ScruffyKate S., Wed Apr 29 01:08
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    Older doodlesnancymarcus, Wed Apr 15, 2015 12:20
    We have Murray one of your dogs born in November, 2002 son of Connie and Blue. He is still healthy and always has lots of energy. He is a great companion and we thank-you. We live in Danbury, Connecticut USA and hope there will be puppies available when the time comes.
    • Ditto!jilllogan, Thu Apr 16 04:47
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    Thank you for visiting the forum If you haven't been there already my web address is www.family-pets.com. You can contact us by phone on 02 6895 3117