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I also just noticed Kmingon, Wed Nov 25, 2015 2:10am
When I check in ... It's always at the end of the year. Must me spiritual or subconscious ... Any suggestions ?
Checkin on my homies Kmingon, Wed Nov 25, 2015 2:06am
...... I must have no life.....I don't have anyone to PEACH!
Hitting my checkpoint 2012 Kmingon, Tue Oct 30, 2012 1:53am
At ravers edge check...check....is anyone out here
  • I'm not believing this site is still up!!! Art Vandeleigh!!, Fri Oct 6, 2006 9:51am
    What up, Evil Outsider (and friends). I was ...in' around on the 'net and thought I'd see if this site was still up and going. To my surprise, it is! Looks like the last set of posts were from 2004...yikes! Anybody out there out there out there...echooooo echoooo echoooo??!!??
  • Black Mucus - Black Phlegm Daily Smoker, Sun May 15, 2005 9:02pm
    Why marijuana smokers cough up black phlegm and cigarette smokers do not: The main thing going on here is the difference between bronchial dilators and constrictors. Tobacco is a bronchial constrictor whereas Cannabis is a bronchial dilator; this means smoking tobacco will tighten and close the pathways in your lungs... more
  • Free Lifetime Access Free Porn Passes, Tue Dec 8, 2009 2:24am
    Free Lifetime Porn Memberships http://cybererotica.b4.to http://hardcoreXXXmag.uni.dj http://hard-asses.notlong.com
    10 year anniversery kmingon, Thu Jun 4, 2009 1:30am
    I cant believe this site is still up, I thought it was removed a while back! I guess it is back for nostalgia? 10 years and have not had that much fun since. What is a 10 year anniversiry..platinum clovers, gold tips, paper dolphins? I dunno! geez time flies!
  • No Subject Ricky, Thu Feb 5, 2009 10:06am
    I give up smoking in mid october 2008 and i was told i would feel healthier and more crap would come of my chest but it hasn't i'm beggining to worry i don't feel the benifit and i may relaps. I am confident i won't relaps but why don't i feel good?
  • Black Phlegm Arch Stanton, Mon Sep 22, 2008 2:22pm
    I have an appointment with a pulmonologist on Oct 2nd to discuss this issue. I will advise of outcome/diagnosis.
  • Live Journal Wes Unseld, Mon Jul 7, 2008 5:14pm
  • Hey Yo Eric the Red, Fri May 9, 2008 12:33am
    Hey Yo, Survey Time....... That's One More For The Good Guys!
    Hey Shakel92, Mon Feb 11, 2008 12:19am
    Hey, how often do you check the site?
  • J Cash Eric B and Rakim, Tue Apr 11, 2006 11:59pm
    Love the picture of Cash giving the finger, I wish I could do that to some people @ work!
    Dr. Kmingon FINALLY KMINGON, Thu Dec 29, 2005 3:29pm
    If any of you ...ers still look at this place once in a while I FINALLY FINISHED!!! Graduate from TCC......9 long years of work. Had a bad ass 6 figure job lined up until katrina came and wiped my town off the face of the map!! I still have the #4 job in the US and I will still make enough to live ok with having to... more
  • Yahoo Fantasy NBA O-Rank vs Rank NBgAy, Sun Nov 6, 2005 10:59pm
    People often wonder how Yahoo ranks players in its fantasy games, and what the different rank types are. O-Rank is short for Overall Rank. That is the rank we have assigned to a player as an indicater of how much he will contribute to your team with his stats. This is what is used during the draft process, and is most ... more
  • Christmas... yeah... *~*Madam*Bubble*~*, Sun Dec 26, 2004 2:16am
    Hey... did any one have a good Christmas? Just curious. Mine was ok... it was the first Cristmas without my dad. I still don't know if that was good or not. I think my mom did really well thru it all. Anywayz... I'll shut up. Time to go relax. -Angela-
  • remember me? baby bonzo, Thu Nov 18, 2004 10:53pm
    hows about chattin about scott and kev again?
  • Hello to every one AGAIN! Heres an up-date!!!! *~*Madam*Bubble*~*, Tue Oct 26, 2004 10:48pm
    Hey there! It's me again... Angela! Well life hasn't yet to stop dishing out the shit to me and my "family". But as you all know I'm a fighter and I don't plan on giving up just yet! My "dad" (fucking asshole) has taken all of my stuff that was in storage in Florida, I'm talking everything I owned from the day I was... more
    unplugging this KmingoN, Wed Aug 25, 2004 1:13pm
    Nah....bad idea! I only get to come on here once in a while...usualy when I have breaks from school....and those are getting less and less! But it is still to come on here once and a while and talk to some realy old school people.....or type some off the wall shizzel. I think I have been coming here for five years...... more
  • Porn websight?? kmingo, Wed Aug 25, 2004 1:06pm
    What happend to the link for that porn web sight...............That link was the shit....the best ever.....I really dont know about computer stuff to find shit like that. Any way I have a small break and I am back in Baton Rouge with my girlfriend and we both liked that sight.. so post it again!! Damm I feel like a... more

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