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Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something. - Plato (427 BC - 347 BC)

Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain - and most fools do. - Dale Carnegie

"A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep." -Saul Bellow


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piano music freemoving out, Tue May 23 1:33pm
A bag of guitar/misc strings, music/lessons. A bag of organ/lessons music. A bag of violin/fiddle music/lessons. A box of Faith music, really old. A box of piano lessons and easy playing. A box of books of music, country music, fake book, pop songs. A box of really old classical music/books. None is newer than 20 yrs. ... more

  • Home Schoolinganonymous, Tue May 23 1:19pm
    Public Schools are not like they use to be.I've noticed alot of parents are going with Home Schooling or Online Classes. I'm thinking on the Online Classes for My 16yr Old Daughter. Kids Take Collage Courses Online. So,A High School diploma would be no different.

    For the first time since November 1988, the total number of continuing claims for unemployment benefits fell below 1.95 million according to the Department of Labor. This is the lowest level since Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis fell spectacularly to Vice-President George H.W. Bush after being photographed in a... more

  • Wanted Mobile home Anonymous, Tue May 23 12:43am
    Looking for 3 bedroom 2 bath call me at 573 707 3900

    Cell phoneAnonymous, Mon May 22 5:16pm
    My teenage son left his cell phone on the roof of his Suv and drove off between Cadet and Potosi. If anyone finds one can you please message me on here? It's a black and silver Iphone 6S.

    roto tilterBugger, Sun May 21 4:59pm
    looking for a good tilter. call 1-573-701-8589. thank you.

    When will people wake up?Truther, Sun May 21 11:57am
    There are not 2 political parties.Obama was a man portraying a character and so is Trump.They are not in charge of the country.They are just a focus of attention.When we elect Democrats all the focus is on the dirt poor,illegals,and gender problems.When we elect Republicans the focus is on big business,corporate... more

  • H.R. 609 on March 13. The bill designates a Department of Veterans Affairs healthcare center in Butler County, Pennsylvania the "Abie Abraham VA Clinic." H.J.R. 40 on February 28. The bill, which is now law, repeals an Obama-era rule which prohibited the mentally disabled from being able to purchase firearms. H.R. 255 ... more

  • Fitting reception for Trump.Anonymous, Sat May 20 10:18pm
    http://www.cbsnews.com/news/venezuelan-president-nicolas-maduro-president-trump-get-your-pig-hands-out-of-here/ Good to see he was greeted appropriately.

    No SubjectRita Stegall, Thu May 18 1:16pm
    We have 3 full blooded Chihuahua for sealed ask for pat our number is 573-210-0664

    No SubjectBecca, Thu May 18 10:35am
    Are there any good pro. carpet cleaners in our county? If so please leave your contact # and the best time for me to call to talk to you. Thank You..

  • Thank You Potosi PDanonymous, Thu May 18 9:27am
    I've noticed that the PD has calmed down on pulling people over every 2 min.

  • Concrete Blocksrandot, Wed May 17 8:58pm
    I have several concrete blocks for sale. Asking $2.00 each. Text 5732479322

    Plastic road pipe for saleAnonymous, Wed May 17 5:33pm
    2 pieces of 24" plastic road pipe, both 9'8" long, can be joined together to make a long one. $60 cash for both, pick up near Potosi. Call or txt 573-854-3472.

  • Feeder Pigs for Salemarijo57, Sun May 14 11:04am
    FOR SALE..5 feeder pigs around 50 pounds each. Price $65 each. Pick out the one you want. They would be wonderful for that 4th of July whole hog Bar-B-Q for the family! Call 573-631-6864 or 573-779-3508 for more info and ask for David.

    Garage Saledsit, Sat May 13 11:17am
    now until ? 3.3 miles out on 185. Lots of different items. Will make deals.

    USED ATV TIREAnonymous, Sat May 13 7:41am
    USED ATV TIRE AT26X8R12 $20.00 CALL 573-438-4908

    Trade for a military rifle like a 308 or a shortgunI have a 30 30 h and r single shot rifle , Thu May 11 8:32pm
    Or pistol
    • PicAnonymous, Mon May 15 8:32am
    • PicsAnonymous, Sun May 14 9:50am
    • rifleAnonymous, Fri May 12 7:40am

  • countyAnonymous, Wed May 10 9:00pm
    pat daly road is a mess and getting worse,back to gravel.

  • dryerrd, Wed May 10 1:42pm
    Whirlpool 110 dryer small be great for camping trailer75$ 2102247