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Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something. - Plato (427 BC - 347 BC)

Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain - and most fools do. - Dale Carnegie

"A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep." -Saul Bellow


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Trump has had ties to notorious crime figuresAnonymous, Mon Feb 8 12:13pm
Salerno, Roy Cohn, and Trump It is the most under-reported story of the summer, and the mystery is why. Donald Trump, the Republican frontrunner is well known to have had ties to notorious crime figures like Paul “Big Paul” Castellano, head of the Gambino crime family, Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno, boss of the Genovese... more

T-ball etc sign upsDee Dee, Mon Feb 8 11:23am
How can you check to see when and where sign ups are for younger children sports?

  • for salePam, Mon Feb 8 9:09am
    I have for sale a very nice gas range and a hall tree. 573-854-0287

    Not only did the Obama administration scrub counter-terror programs of jihad and Islam, now we find out that his administration scrubbed the records of Muslim terrorists. If the enemedia were not aligned with the jihad force, this would be front-page news across the nation. An agent of the Department of Homeland... more

    Firewoodanonymous, Sun Feb 7 2:28pm
    I have wood for sale 35.00 a rank and I will deliver it to Potosi. I am a retired guy just doing this on the side to help people out. I worked 35 years at a real job and now I am just clearing off my property and have extra wood. Call 438-0188 if you want some delivered.

  • An Open Letter To HumanityAnonymous, Sun Feb 7 1:48pm
    Grow the :@#$ up

    An Open Letter to My Friends who Support Donald Trump 2015235,570 view Note: I found this intriguing and well written letter by TheJeremyNix on Facebook, on a friend's page, who supports Donald Trump. I am glad he is open-minded and can post something like the following on his FB page. Who knows? Maybe he is coming... more

  • WAKE-UP ALERTChuck, Sun Feb 7 12:14pm
    . MESSAGE FROM A CONCERNED CITIZEN ~ “Has everyone lost their ability to see what is happening in the USA? Think America! Before Obama, there was virtually no visible presence of Islam in America. All of a sudden, Islam is taught in schools. All of a sudden, we must allow prayer rugs everywhere and allow for Islamic... more

  • Tea Party Was Created by Big Tobacco Republicans are only after your money $$$, Sun Feb 7 9:55am
    Study Confirms Tea Party Was Created by Big Tobacco and Billionaire Koch Brothers  Brendan DeMelle Executive Director, DeSmogBlog.com  A new academic study confirms that front groups with longstanding ties to the tobacco industry and the billionaire Koch brothers planned the formation of the Tea Party... more

  • Something to think aboutAnonymous, Sat Feb 6 1:29pm
    "Whoever pursues righteousness and kindness will find life, righteousness, and honor." Proverbs 21:21

    Social Science Experiment At HomePaul, Sat Feb 6 12:47pm
    This is a true life learning experiment that is partially performed routinely by millions of people every week who never grasp the significance. 1. Find your grandfather's old fashioned pocket watch. 2. Get a piece of string at least a foot long and tie one end to the watch handle. 3. Hold the other end of the string... more
    • Paulanonymous, Mon Feb 8 6:49pm

  • The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is planning to cut 50 percent of the budget for aerial surveillance along the U.S.-Mexico border, agents revealed at a congressional hearing Thursday. In an effort to understand why DHS is cutting funding, Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott and Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas, wrote ... more

    Firewoodanonymous, Fri Feb 5 4:09pm
    There calling for snow this weekend. Get your firewood now. Local delivery to Potosi 35.00 a rank.

  • Where was the outrage?Anonymous, Fri Feb 5 10:25am
    I don't remember the outrage when President Bush visited a mosque shortly after 9/11.

  • CHARLESTON, W.Va.—The Mountain State has its back against the wall, and time is running out. Leading a coalition of more than two dozen coal states, West Virginia is asking the Supreme Court for an emergency stay of President Obama’s new regulations governing the coal industry. West Virginia and 26 other states argue... more

  • No SubjectAnonymous, Thu Feb 4 9:30pm
    im iso a beagle pup to hunt rabbits with email me at- vincentprice525@gmail.com

  • Some day I have to meet Chuckie.Anonymous, Thu Feb 4 7:16pm
    I have never seen a talking asshole before.

    candidateannie, Thu Feb 4 4:49pm

    Call To PrayerYou Tube, Thu Feb 4 2:56pm