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Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something. - Plato (427 BC - 347 BC)

Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain - and most fools do. - Dale Carnegie

"A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep." -Saul Bellow


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Storage Unit Saledsit, Fri Aug 1 9:04pm
Will be selling stuff out of 4 Storage units Saturday 7:00 AM Until ? Lots of stuff. Highway 185 at 185 Storage by the day care, Potosi. Bring a Diet Coke and you might get a discount. lol Everything needs to go.

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hay for salecountry kid, Fri Aug 1 6:59pm
Square bales of hay for sale in barn,2014 first cutting,3:00/bale 2 miles from potosi, 636-208-0778

60 immigrants coming to St. LouisElection, Fri Aug 1 6:32pm
courtesy of Mayor Slay. When they move about 200 of them to Potosi this forum will light up like a Christmas tree. You get as high as $7,200.00 to take one into your home, less for less needy kids, etc.

What the Republicans Failed to AccomplishI use to be a republican, Fri Aug 1 3:33pm
What the Republicans Failed to Accompliish Many House members were at the airport yesterday, desperate to begin their five-week vacation, when the chamberís leadership called them back. An emergency bill to provide money for the humanitarian crisis at the Southern border had earlier been pulled from the floor because... more

  • What Is Science?Doug, Fri Aug 1 12:08pm
    "Many people do not realize that science was actually developed in Christian Europe by men who assumed that God created an orderly universe. If the universe is a product of random chance or a group of gods that interfere in the universe, there is really no reason to expect order in nature. Many of the founders of the... more

    Little Tikes Playground Equipmentchazelle236, Fri Aug 1 9:36am
    I am wanting to buy some Little Tikes Playground Equipment. I am looking for equipment that is in pretty good condition. If you have playground equipment you would like to sale please call my cell at 573-760-4081. You can also send pictures of the equipment you have for sale along with prices. I am also looking to buy ... more

    Federal JudgeChuck, Fri Aug 1 9:18am
    My name is Chuck and I will learn not to use the whole forum for my views..........

  • Storage Units Saledsit, Thu Jul 31 11:08pm
    Two people will be selling out of 4 storage units. One of them is moving to Colorado and selling all of their stuff. Lots of misc items and furniture, Large and Small items, Household items, electrician items, carpenter items, electrical stuff, Jenn Air oven, cabinets and counter tops, microwave, bookshelves with... more

  • Fabric of American lifeChuck, Thu Jul 31 9:38pm
    obama stated recently that Muslims built the fabric of American life. I guess George Washington was muslim,Thomas Jefferson, Edison,Henry Ford.The only thing muslims have done in USA is bring down twin towers.obama loves his muslim brothers. obama is insane or on some heavy drugs. ,

  • misc for sale Lorinda Durst, Thu Jul 31 4:04pm
    mountian bike good tires ,asking 25.00 twin be set with metal frames asking 50.00-wooden glider rocker new asking 60.00.Need to sell asap.

  • both yes and no gives good reasoning.I want to vote for local farmers so which way do I go?

  • Estate Salerdaumen, Thu Jul 31 8:38am
    I am having an Estate sale August 1st and 2nd at 708 Mineral Street, Potosi from 8:00-?. I have fishing and hunting items, clothing, furniture, housewares, etc.

    looking to buy wood Anonymous, Thu Jul 31 2:38am
    dry ,anyone sellng leave no.

    Chris CantrellAnonymous, Wed Jul 30 11:33pm
    moved from Hopewell, does anyone know where he moved want to order wood from him.

  • that lawsuit on obama he needs to counterAnonymous, Wed Jul 30 8:24pm
    suit on the GOP for blocking jobs bill and being a donothing congress

  • Nancy PelosiChuck, Wed Jul 30 8:18pm
    Nancy Pelosi announced today she thought Hamas was a Humanitarian organization. Poor nancy did too many drugs in the sixtys or she is going senile or maybe just stupid. Remember we must pass obamacare so we can see what is in it.That was a Pelosi classic.

    Huge Yardsalecrystalterry2003 653, Wed Jul 30 7:51pm
    We are having a huge yardsale on Saturday, August 2. It will be from 8 a.m. to ? It is on Veterans drive right next door to the VFW hall. There are at least 15 families who have donated items for this sale. There are clothes of all different sizes, household items. There is A LOT of stuff.

    School and fairAnonymous, Wed Jul 30 7:49pm
    I was told that the Superintendent at Caledonia is waiting until after the county and state fair to start school. I don't know if this is true but if so that will give families a chance to attend the state fair. What a blessing if it is true.

  • When does Potosi School start? (nm)Anonymous, Wed Jul 30 4:39pm

  • TOMATOESAnonymous, Wed Jul 30 2:46pm
    I have several hundred pounds of Tomatoes, buy 20lb plus for $1.00 a pound or $1.25 a pound less than 20lb.These ar good Organic Home Grown Tomatoes, they are NOT being trucked in like a lot of local stands a long the roads. You can come see them being picked. Call 573-438-7454 or 573-747-8544 i am on Raio Station... more