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Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something. - Plato (427 BC - 347 BC)

Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain - and most fools do. - Dale Carnegie

"A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep." -Saul Bellow


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Lock Bannon up for a few monthsAnonymous, Wed Jan 17 4:38am
with Bubba for contempt. Former Trump aide Bannon refuses to comply with House subpoena Reuters By Sarah N. Lynch and Patricia Zengerle,Reuters 6 hours ago By Sarah N. Lynch and Patricia Zengerle WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump's former chief strategist Steve Bannon declined on Tuesday to comply with a... more

wonder how muchmoneyAnonymous, Wed Jan 17 12:06am
a perfect assessment of Trump's mental health cost him/us? Doctor's opinions are for sale just like everything else. Trump has done many insane things. Past actions are the best predictors of future events.

School closinganonymous, Mon Jan 15 4:53pm
No school for Potosi on January 15th Tuesday.

  • Thank You To All The City Crewsanonymous, Mon Jan 15 1:15pm
    You guys did awesome on the Roads. Thank you for all your hard work!

    And his name is not Trump.Anonymous, Sun Jan 14 11:38pm
    World’s Largest Family: Man Has 39 Wives, 94 Kids, And 33 Grandkids http://www.trend-chaser.com/weird/worlds-largest-family-man-has-39-wives-94-kids-and-33-grandkids/?utm_source=ya&utm_campaign=363676452-9673885707-ya&utm_medium=HOMEPAGE_US-ya&utm_content=4a34eb-34087141941-ya&utm_term=c-3_wlf.jpg-n-ya

    No SubjectAnon, Sun Jan 14 8:04pm
    Looking for a good trinity pentecostal, church in the potosi area, please post name of church here.

    Perfect Desciption.Anonymous, Fri Jan 12 11:45am
    https://www.yahoo.com/news/ex-union-boss-calls-trump-044031196.html Former Union Leader Calls Trump A 'Con Man' And 'Liar' As Carrier Lays Off 215 More Workers

    Free ChihuahuasThis n that, Fri Jan 12 8:18am
    My daughter's husband passed away and we have all her dogs for free call Tom or Vickie 4361381

  • but denies reports he blackmailed woman with nude photo Eric Greitens the man big business anti labor forces bought into the Missouri Governor's office caught in an affair and accused of blackmail.... more

    Mobile phone Eric lee wood , Wed Jan 10 11:54pm
    Heaven has a mobile phone and so does hell. I try too keep both my numbers to myself. The angels are lovely.

  • Happiness Eric lee wood, Wed Jan 10 11:41pm
    Happiness is in the eye of the beholder “Paul D Hamburg”

  • Chihuahua PuppiesPat, Tue Jan 9 11:37am
    I have 4 Chihuahua puppies 2 male and 2 female 2 are brindle and 2 are tan they are 6 n a half weeks old eating soft food and drinking. Text me at 573-210-4836 for any questions.

  • Who is ready for some snow?Anonymous, Sun Jan 7 1:18am
    I like it when it snows deep and shuts thing down.

    Gum (Mal’s son) from the Police Dept. The Police Chief serves at the City Council’s discretion. The Council should be concerned with the appearance of improprieties where Michael and Formerly Mal are concerned. Zack Jacobsen (Mal’s Nephew) currently serves as Sheriff. As a county official I would be concerned with the ... more

  • Playstation 2 Anonymous, Wed Jan 3 8:46am
    Interested in playstation 2 or 3 reverse compatible. Call 5737073900

    No Subjectduckiller, Wed Jan 3 8:30am
    Have a 60,000 btu kerosene reddy heater and 5 gal. of kerosene for sale 125.00 210-6399

    Please Keep Your Pets Warmanonymous, Tue Jan 2 10:21pm
    Its so sad to see Pets out in this cold.

  • mod Editedanon, Tue Jan 2 9:56pm
    will the forum moderators post the name of who keeps the crap stirred up. thought that would be nice since he or she is spineless 99 percent of these post come from McDonalds look when they are posted and you will fine your spineless posterers

    Wanted hayAnonymous, Mon Jan 1 1:21pm
    Please call me at 573-707-3900

    No Subjectduckiller, Sun Dec 31 12:06pm
    On the way to church this morning there were at least 6 bags of trash on the side of the road (unbroken) and 4 more that had been busted open. People are paying for trash pickup and it's being scattered along the roads because the trash trucks won't cover their loads...makes our county look trashy....just saying