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Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something. - Plato (427 BC - 347 BC)

Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain - and most fools do. - Dale Carnegie

"A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep." -Saul Bellow


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No SubjectAnonymous, Wed Jul 23 1:24pm
several family yard sale, nice clothes, books,misc.bake sale, cakes, cookies, banana pudding, bread pudding, zuchinni bread, and more. lunch will be available, sloppy meat sandwiches, chips,soda,choice of dessert for $5.00. can rent a table for $10.00 for your things. all money goes for church improvements, and our... more

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    So TureAnonymous, Wed Jul 23 12:34pm
    Cop... I see you failed to use your blinker back there. So I pulled an illeagle U-turn, broke the speed limit, and forced other drivers off the road with my flashing strobe lights. So I could detain you & extort money from you. To teach you A lesson about unsafe driving habits. Interesting Isn't It?

    2 beagles pups for sale2 beagles pups for sale, Wed Jul 23 12:19pm
    I have 2 females beagles pups for sale about 3 months old has first shots been wormed very pretty pups they are ready to be trained $25 bucks a piece if interested post back thanks

    free house dog to a good homefree house dog to a good home, Wed Jul 23 12:10pm
    I have male house dog free to a good home he is 2 year old and house broken loves to play wit toys and ride in a car.he loves other animals.if you are interested post back and I can meet you

    For SaleMikeSr, Wed Jul 23 10:41am
    I have a PHILIPS BLU-RAY HOME CINEMA 1000 watts ( HTS3051BV ) Never out of the box. Got it from Walmart orginal Price $288 will sell for $125 it was a gift last year! 573-854-2142 leave messg. or text or post here

    ChangeAnonymous, Wed Jul 23 9:46am

    Want/Need/Prefer a half bed.Jason, Wed Jul 23 9:31am
    Yes looking for a half bed that will hold a 300lb person. Must be in good condition, will pay cash. Call 573-436-8684.

    I BUY JUNK AUTOSjc, Wed Jul 23 7:31am
    CASH$$$ WE PICK THEM UP @ YOUR PLACE CALL 573-210-4748

    ObamacareChuck, Wed Jul 23 6:33am
    Very bad news for Obamacare enrollees, an across the board rate increase of on average 25%.This is totally opposite of what was promised by obama.obama promised an average decrease of $2500 per family per year. Kind of reminds a person of some other obama lies like "IF YOU LIKE YOUR PLAN YOU CAN KEEP YOUR PLAN... more

    bunkbedslinda, Tue Jul 22 11:13pm
    ok im looking to buy a good set of bunkbeds , for a family member that is a foster parent, he hasn't a whole lot of money right now, so if any one has a set pretty cheap. please let me know, oh yes it has to be the the single bunk beds not a full size, thankyou my phone number is 438 7050 LikeLike ∑

    old classic nintendo gamesshelbiejoy, Tue Jul 22 9:32pm
    looking for nes nintendo original games, super nintendo, nintendo 64 n64 and sega dreamcast games. call me and let me know what you have 438-4883

    No SubjectBrandon, Tue Jul 22 8:00pm
    I have a gamecube and the gameboy hook up and three controllers one wireless and memory card and mario cart trade all for a bow text 573_210_3754 its all like new

    dr. villmerAnonymous, Tue Jul 22 1:55pm
    I have been trying to reach dr. villmers office today and there is no answer. does anybody know if he is open today? I thought that he was.

  • No SubjectAnonymous, Tue Jul 22 11:01am
    for sale 1994 ford short bed new radiater a lot of new parts a very sharp truck see to appreciate asking 2,35o or best offer might take part trade call 573 436 9094

  • wanted castiron banks, cap guns, marbles, Anonymous, Tue Jul 22 8:26am
    And 1960's and older tonka , buddy l, nylint any type similar toys paying cash 854-2534

    MSNBCAnonymous, Tue Jul 22 8:24am
    Another MSNBC reporter resigns. Alex Wagner resigned over the weekend,stating she was tired of telling lies to support obamas Administration.She said she was tired of being handed pro obama scripts. Starting to look like everyone is abandoning the obama ship. About time.

  • Illegal ImmigrantsAnonymous, Mon Jul 21 6:08pm
    Since obama is too busy golfing and fund raising Texas Gov. Perry announced today he was going to deploy the Texas National Guard to secure the border. The same border that obama and Reid have said is more secure than ever.Obama can or will not tell the truth.It is a shame a Governor has to do the job obama was... more

  • tires for saleAnonymous, Mon Jul 21 5:03pm
    4 bridge stone p265 70R17 good tread $160.00 call 701_5389

    place to rentunknown, Mon Jul 21 4:32pm
    I am almost homeless and i am looking for a place to rent really fast. I have a small dog and i live at home and my dad and me arent getting along. I need to get out please help me if you know of anything call 573-854-0233 ask for amy thank you so much.