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Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something. - Plato (427 BC - 347 BC)

Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain - and most fools do. - Dale Carnegie

"A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep." -Saul Bellow


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What is nothing?Paul, Tue May 26 8:01pm

memorialanon, Tue May 26 1:14pm
There will be a memorial for Norray (Ray) Blair, Saturday May 30th, visitation from 5pm to 7pm and the memorial service at 7pm at Declue's Funeral Home. Ray is the son of the late Arlie and Irene Blair.
    • CondolencesNo One in Particular, Tue May 26 3:55pm

  • God Said:No One in Particular, Tue May 26 11:13am
    God said "love your enemy" And I obeyed Him and loved myself. ~ Khalil Gibran

    Big yellow fuzzy catAnonymous, Tue May 26 11:12am
    If my big yellow tom cat who I named Mr. Milner, does not stop being a bully to my little female cat I am going to give him away.

    Democrats & Gun ControlChuck, Tue May 26 9:54am
    I can not understand how anyone can vote for a Democrat when they are for Gun Control and the abolishment of the 2nd Amendment. It is a main goal of the obama Administration to enact gun control in his second term.So far the Republicans have held him up but rumors going around say obama is going to enact gun control... more

  • Brown Eggs For Saleowlsbend, Mon May 25 7:06pm
    I have brown eggs for sale $2.50/doz Chickens are free range and fed corn and oyster shell. Contact Belinda Kern at owlsbend@yahoo.com or text to 573-366-6095 M-F after 4 pm or anytime on the weekend.

    Muscoy Ducks For Saleowlsbend, Mon May 25 7:03pm
    I have Muscovy ducklings for sale $5 each and 6 mature males for sale $15 each. Color: All White or Black and white. Please contact Belinda Kern at owlsbend@yahoo.com or text to 573-366-6095 M-F after 4pm or anytime on weekends.

    Estate/Rummage saleCaleb, Mon May 25 6:49pm
    Rummage sale Tuesday & Wednesday! Located at Brown's Market on 21. 8AM-2PM.

  • tires for saleAnonymous, Mon May 25 9:22am
    215/65r16 25 obo 5733301295

    F/S or F/T 00 dodge mini van 2000.00jc, Mon May 25 7:46am
    state inspected hot heat cold air ready to go no problems looking to trade for truck or suv 4x4 n good cond call or tx 5732104748

    The Real StoryWake Up....., Sun May 24 9:57am
    While we believe what they condition us the believe, the Truth is out there, if we are only willing to wake up from what we have been conditioned to believe. Take a few minutes and watch this News report. https://www.facebook.com/Mediamatters/videos/10152915206376167/ More here:... more

  • GRATITUDE! (nm)Anonymous, Sun May 24 9:40am

    declue's funeral homejazzes05 132, Sun May 24 5:13am
    does more for a person than they would every have to. brian and bj, thank you

  • Confederate flag burning and burial ceremony Anonymous, Sat May 23 1:24pm
    Missouri will join 11 other states in a Confederate flag burning and burial ceremony planned for Memorial Day. The idea comes from John Sims, an artist who said he moved to Florida and was alarmed at the number of Confederate flags. The Orlando Sentinel reports: One such flag, proclaimed as one of the world’s largest... more

    No Subject<*>, Sat May 23 12:56pm
    Thank you veterans. Great post bbking

    To all the Vets out there...bbking, Sat May 23 8:41am
    Thank you for serving not only your country but Thank you for serving those of us who couldn't or wouldn't serve to keep us free. Thanks Dad!! I salute each and every one of you.

  • Obama=Worst PresidentChuck, Sat May 23 8:13am
    It is easy to see why obama was polled as worst President in American history. Scandals too numerous to mention all of them. The only thing worse than obamas domestic policy is his foreign policy.I do not know if he is an idiot or if he is destroying this nation intenionally. Between obamas scandals and hillarys... more

  • Lawn carenewyou52@yahoo.com, Sat May 23 7:45am
    Need someone to weed-eat on regular basis( every other week ) Must have own weed eater, will supply gas. Phone 314-406-3496.

    Wonder how many illiterate kids PotosiAnonymous, Fri May 22 11:42pm
    Schools graduated tonight? There are always a few in every class. They give them a diploma just to get rid of them.