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Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something. - Plato (427 BC - 347 BC)

Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain - and most fools do. - Dale Carnegie

"A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep." -Saul Bellow


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FBI Busts Democrats NationwideDumb Democrat, Sun Jun 25 12:06pm
Iím not quite through with telling you who Leland Yee is. He is big in California, and running for secretary of state. Heís a state senator. He was practically Piers Morganís go-to guy for attacking legal gun owners. You may not have seen it because nobody watched CNN or Piers Morgan, but Leland Yee was a frequent... more

Agenda 21Truther, Sat Jun 24 1:33am
The Muslim invasion of Europe and the open Mexican border is and has been a coordinated effort to desensitize us to our national soverignty.The elites of the world want a global community.By flooding 1st world caucasian nations with third world citizens they hope to create less resistance to globalism.Hopefully Trump... more

No SubjectAnonymous, Fri Jun 23 1:46pm
1993 Jeep Wrangler $4,000 Irondale, MO Runs and drives has rust needs tlc cash only no trades

video explains why voting wont save us.Truther, Wed Jun 21 11:33pm

The various databases containing 198 million records on American voters from all political parties were found stored on an open Amazon S3 storage server owned by a Republican data analytics firm, Deep Root Analytics. Each record lists a voter's name, date of birth, home address, phone number, and voter registration... more

does the icecream truckAnonymous, Sun Jun 18 7:29pm
run on AA highway, if so when and what time

  • Im just some nutjobTruther, Sun Jun 18 3:01pm

  • caught yaanonymous, Sun Jun 18 8:34am
    Someone saw you bust my grill up...someone saw ya cody. If I see ya by my place again your done cody. If You have to come back at 2am because your a coward. I'll show you what kind of treatment a coward gets. Just because your a drug running bitch cutting behind my place to avoid the cops ya think it's going to save... more

    Garage Saledsit, Sat Jun 17 12:11pm
    Garage Sale now until ? . 3.3 Miles out on 185 at Potosi. Lots of misc. will make deals.

    No SubjectAnonymous, Sat Jun 17 1:20am

    Plow for sale Kevin , Fri Jun 16 5:17pm
    2 bottom plow, asking $150.00 call 573-210-9421

    Mobile homes for sale Anonymous, Thu Jun 15 7:35am
    Park closed, all homes and outside meter boxes. Must be moved . Asking between $2000 to $4000@ cash..for homes. Green Acres farm. Also 5acres with. 2 Mobile homes on it.call or. Text 210-9422

    • Re:Anonymous, Tue Jun 20 9:00pm

  • I'm not home so I'm just getting bits and pieces.

    Think about your families. Wake them up.Truther, Tue Jun 13 2:35pm
    Our monetary system is going to collapse eventually or continue to be devalued.That is guaranteed.I've tried talking to relatives in my family about putting back some long term food supplies and other things.The only response was they looked like a deer in the headlights.One uncle I tried to speak with responded with... more

  • BREAKING NEWS!jbeq, Sun Jun 11 8:07pm

  • No Subject<*>, Sun Jun 11 2:49pm
    Looking for old cow sign prefer long in width to put on barn

  • Looking for local honeyHoney Bee, Sun Jun 11 1:24pm
    Anyone in Washington county sell pure local honey ?

  • Remember when things were good?Truther, Fri Jun 9 3:39pm
    Remember when you could get a job and retire from it,come home to a nice place in a reliable vehicle with no worries?I dont because Im a generation X.But I do know my father and grandfather both retired from jobs they entered at age 18.They worked hard and enjoyed the weekends off.People have been dumbed down so much... more

  • Feeder Pigs for Salemarijo57, Thu Jun 8 12:10pm
    We have 4 feeder pigs for sale. They weigh about 60 pounds. Price is $65 each. Great for that 4th of July whole hog BBQ! You can schedule slaughter at an area slaughterhouse if you don't do this yourself. Only 4 pigs left.