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January Battalion MeetingJim Boone, Sgt. Maj. GVB, Sun Nov 20 19:37
Gentlemen and Ladies The yearly Battalion meeting will take place this year at Clinton Ga...we will be meeting at Ms. Ann's Store at 10 am January 21st. All company Captains are asked to arrive early for a called meeting. Hope to see you there...come and be apart of your Battalion elections...event calendar and... more

  • Want to buy musketsRobert Saye, Wed Dec 28 13:50
    If anyone has any muskets for sale, send me a email with pictures and prices. Thanks. Robert Saye

    Holiday"Doc" Watson, Sat Dec 24 08:58
    Fellow GVB Reenactors: May God bless you all as we celebrate the birth of His son. I pray this coming year may be one of health and love, for His plan will be done. See you at Olustee.

    GVB ForumC.Gould Adj/GVB, Thu Dec 1 09:16
    All GVB Members are requested to post new business on the new GVB Forum at the listed address. As of December 1st 2016 this old forum is no longer supported and is up only for reference to old postings. All new postings on this old forum are not guaranteed to be seen by GVB Staff. To ensure your needs are meet... more

    Hofwyl PlantationLarry Bacon Jr./ Col. GVB, Mon Nov 28 11:25
    Greetings All, Just a reminder of the Hofwyl Plantation LH/Candlelight tour this weekend Dec. 2nd-4th. The candlelight tour and program will begin Fri. and Sat. night at 6:00 pm. This is an early war LH, Dec. 1861. We will be portraying militia. This is a fun event at a beautiful location, come on down and join us for ... more

    WW2 ItemsDave Shockey, Sun Nov 27 14:01
    Hey everyone. I just received a message from a buddy of mine, Greg Deese, who lives in the Charleston area. Here is his message to me: Pass this along, I encountered a couple at the Charleston Flea Market selling several WW2 helmets, reenacting insignia, modern military pins, jackets, jump boots etc. They had too many ... more

    ThanksgivingLarry Bacon Jr./ Col. GVB, Wed Nov 23 10:28
    Greetings All, I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. As you spend time with your family and friends remember, we have so much to be thankful for. As always please keep those who are in harms way and their families in your thoughts and prayers. May God Bless you all. Happy Thanksgiving Larry D. Bacon Jr.... more

    Nash FarmsLarry Bacon Jr./ Col. GVB, Wed Nov 23 10:22
    Greetings All, I would like to take a moment to thank the 30th for the hard work and effort that they put into the Nash Farms event. I also would like to thank everyone who made it to the event. It was good to see everyone again and I had a great time. Thanks again, Larry D. Bacon Jr. Colonel, Commanding Georgia... more

    New websiteC.Gould GVB/Adj, Thu Nov 17 21:43
    The new website is up. It will take a few days to get it fully up and going. A preview and the new address is linked below.
    • new siteJim Boone, Sgt. Maj. GVB, Sun Nov 20 06:45
    • mobilec gould gvb, Sat Nov 19 08:36
      • GVB WebsitePVT Dobbins/43rd Geo Vols, Mon Nov 21 23:15

  • ForumC. Gould, Sun Nov 20 17:53
    We are changing to a new forum. Both new and old forums will be in use for several weeks while everyone gets used to the new one. The link is on the GVB Website.

    Gray Confederate Frock CoatDon Stark, Thu Oct 13 13:01
    For sale, worn once, not in the field. 9 brass "I" buttons. Coat is single breasted and lined. 2 brass buttons on each cuff. Size 44 First Sergeants chevrons and burgundy sash available also. Original cost $150.00. Will sell for $99.00.

  • Nash FarmsLarry Bacon Jr./ Col. GVB, Mon Nov 7 10:03
    Greetings all, I am very much looking forward to seeing everyone at Nash Farms this weekend. I encourage everyone to come out and enjoy the weekend. Do Not let the issue about camp fires put you off. I encourage you to us this as an opportunity to learn. For those who are willing, base your meals off of what you can... more
    • CampfiresKevin Davis/4th Geo Infantry, Tue Nov 8 08:04
    • Camp FiresPerry Herron , Mon Nov 7 21:33
      • Camp FiresLarry Bacon Jr./ Col. GVB, Tue Nov 8 09:02

  • Return to the GVB. Items for sale. Cpl. Dauler 39th Geo/3rd Wis., Sun Nov 6 21:58
    Gentlemen, I will be attending Nash farms as my first event with the GVB since Hurricane Shoals of 2015. I'm ecstatic to see all of my pards from the GVB and the Department of the Gulf. It has been a long and busy year for me due to the Georgia National Guard and a recent career change. As I said a moment ago I am... more

    Camp Fires at Nash FarmsCaptain R. Luke 39th Geo., Sat Nov 5 16:42
    Men and Ladies of the battalion, I spoke with Tim about this and found out that he spoke with the Fire Chief of Henry County and it was decided to allow us to use a container to use charcoal in for cooking, such as a metal pot with a grate over it, or a modern charcoal grill. As long as the coals are contained inside... more
    • Nash FarmsJim Boone, Sgt. Maj. GVB, Sat Nov 5 20:22

  • Nash Farm Important !!!Tim Knight 30th Ga., Fri Nov 4 12:49
    Gentlemen and Ladies of the GVB. There is a band on camp fires in Henry County !!! As of now we can't have any fires of any kind. If you plan on cooking you will have to bring camp stoves ( propaine ). Sorry for the inconvenience but the draout has made it a hazard to all. 1stSgt Tim Knight 30th Ga/ 30th Ohio

  • MembershipKevin Davis/4th Geo, Co. E, Fri Nov 4 08:59
    Ryan Williams, a past member of the 2nd Fl. Co. E, has recently moved to the Columbus, Ga. area and is looking to join a unit. The website of the 17th is no longer active and I have no POC for them. Can someone from the 17th please contact Ryan. 904-303-8793, Thanks

    Celebrating the "Last Flag Down""Doc" Watson, Wed Nov 2 21:45
    Fellow reenactors (of Scottish ancestry especially), history buffs, those interested in Southern celebration and travel: It has come to my attention via my SCV Camp, Thomas Marsh Forman in Brunswick, that in May of 2018 a cadre of reenactors will assemble in Glasgow, Scotland to pay homage to the surrender of the CSS... more

    Augusta AreaC. Gould GVB/Adj, Fri Oct 28 19:56
    8th grade Georgia Studies teacher at a low income school in Augusta, Georgia. Needs Help "I was hoping to find a few Civil War reenactors who would be willing to donate their time to share some information with my students. I am not sure where you are located, but I was hoping you may know of someone in my area who I... more

    RemindersLarry Bacon Jr./ Col. GVB, Mon Oct 24 15:27
    Greetings All, I hope everyone is well and enjoying the nice cool weather. I am. I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who made the trip up to Perryville. I have heard nothing but outstanding reports on how well the Georgians did during this event. Once again, you have made me proud. Don't forget,... more

    Girl's Dress For Sale?Paul Jerram/AG, Fri Oct 14 20:22
    Ladies and Gentlemen of the GVB - It has been a long time! I hope everyone is well and that you and your families are healthy and prospering. I may have the opportunity to come to the Nash Farm event in November and would like to bring my grand daughter (now 9 years old). One thing I've recently noticed - my, how... more
    • BUMP (nm)Paul Jerram, Mon Oct 24 08:05
    • dressCarrie Jordan, Mon Oct 17 01:24

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