Welcome to the Citizens Against Tolls (CAT) Forum. In this forum, feel free to post notes concerning toll collection in New Jersey. While we expect most posts to be against tolls, I'm sure we'll have some visitors that are in favor of tolls (for whatever reason). We encourage posts from opposing points of view... we will not censor based on your position in this debate. We do ask, however, that all posts remain in good taste and free of obscenities... posts deemed inappropriate (whether anti-toll or pro-toll) will be removed or edited. THIS INCLUDES PERSONAL ATTACKS OR NAME CALLING. Thanks for your cooperation!

I would like to ask that you please respect our forum by not spamming it with links to other sites, test posts or posts in languages other than English. All posts of this sort will be removed.

If you have any questions or comments, please email them to: PaulDZ@usa.net

Thank you!!
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    Hey Scott.PaulDZ, Sun Sep 6, 2015 15:39

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