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Do you remember how much fun
Mon Oct 10, 2016 18:23

it used to be we could share ideas and learn on this site. What happened you may ask. A couple haters one named Walt AKA known as Bill, and another named Jeff, AKA Old Jeff came along. It took them several hate filled years to kill the site. They did it by boring the other contributors to death with their Hate Campaign. Why did I capitalize Hate Campaign you may ask. Because I've never in my long lifetime seen anything so vile and despicable. Both these characters would fit perfectly into that basket of deplorable s That Hillary told us about. I think that Walt(Bill),and Old Jeff should be required to get a shovel and bury this forum, They should dig it deep and wide, hopefully they may elect to jump in the hole, and mother nature will cover the stinking hole up.

God Bless all those who made positive contributions to this now dead forum.

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