perfect schnauzer
Mon Sep 30, 2013 09:51

Thank you everyone for your help my parents home is now complete again. They found the most wonderful schnauzer at the Ruff Rescue. My mother said they are the most wonderful people so definitely support them!

  • NJSRN won't respondMaddy, Fri Sep 20 14:29
    Thank you for the suggestion but they sent an application over a month ago and even though all their references have been vetted they refuse to respond to any of my parents requests for the dogs they ... more
    • perfect schnauzer — Maddy, Mon Sep 30 09:51
    • Please have patience...Nadine T., Mon Sep 30 03:20
      Maddy, please send me an e-mail at the above address so I can check on the status of your parents' application. As we explain in our paperwork, we are all extremely busy volunteers with work, family, ... more
    • re: NJSRN won't respondsave1mini, Sun Sep 29 04:04
      Sorry to hear about your application experience, but perhaps the rescue will contact you soon. As you know, it is a large multi-state rescue which is not the case for every segment in the U.S. All of ... more
      • re: NJSRN won't respondNancy, Mon Sep 30 14:59
        Actually, NJSRN is NOT a large group. When I adopted from them last year, they had less than a dozen members. In spite of that, they still cover the northeastern US! And you're right, save1mini, they ... more
        • re: NJSRN won't respondsave1mini, Mon Sep 30 20:57
          Did not know the volunteer count was so modest. Considering this, well it is truly amazing that they are able to rescue the numbers that they do w/all that it entails. I have even more respect and... more
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