Re: He is safe with NJSRN.
Sun Oct 6, 2013 12:03

Cute! He reminds me of my late Tipper, a shelter dog, who someone said looked more like a giant affenpincher because of his short snout. He was a real lovable dog. :o)

  • He is safe with NJSRN.Nadine, Mon Sep 30 03:06
    Max Mix
    • Re: He is safe with NJSRN. — Anonymous, Sun Oct 6 12:03
    • thx for reply - what a zippy runner!!save1mini, Mon Sep 30 20:52
      OMgoodness - what a hilarious zippy runner around the yard as the writeup indicates that he loves to do! That is an indication of his youth and he was likely not getting enough exercise. If he was... more
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