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Fri Oct 11, 2013 02:46

You might want to try baby food as an appetite stimulant. Use "stage 1" strained baby food chicken, beef, or lamb. Most dogs love it and just a small amount usually works.

For liver issues, see (details are for epileptic dogs but the diet is the same). Briefly:

Liver and GI Tract Cleansing Diet by Dr. Jean Dodds

These homemade diets are intended to help ‘cleanse and heal’ the body during ongoing illnesses of the liver or bowel. Please note, that Dr. Dodds still recommends testing your dog's food sensitivities and intolerances with NutriScan, as this will direct you in selecting the future food needs of your pet, once short-term healing has taken place.

White potato + sweet potato (50/50) and white fish -- 2/3 potato mix and 1/3 fish. Substitute pork or chicken if pet won’t eat fish. Season with garlic, mixed Italian herbs or parsley, salt and pepper. Later, can add chopped carrots, zucchini, yellow squash, spinach, kale, green beans and scrambled eggs, if these are tolerated. Liquid multivitamin or supplement such as the Missing Link. Feed three to four meals per day.

  • Diabetes wth little to no appetite Pearl, Wed Oct 9 11:16
    Hi everyone, one of our own schnauzers is now diabetic. She turned 12 this August. She has very little to no appetite. We have tried home cooked chicken breasts, white fish, eggs and green beans,... more
    • Our girl Ashley is still pretty sick. Pearl , Sun Oct 13 15:56
      Thank you everyone, for taking the time to write your suggestions. I am going to incorporate them. At this time, her food gets inside her via syringe feeding. The additional test results show that... more
      • AshleyMindy, Mon Oct 14 05:46
        Are you able to take her to an animal hospital or specialist so that she can be monitored 24/7 ? She will need an IV for fluids and substance. We have Cornell in NY. Prayers for Ashley and her... more
      • United Statessidney ames, Mon Oct 14 04:24
        Dear Pearl, We are praying for Ashley. God will protect her and help you and Ashly through this.
    • A medication that might helpmss, Sat Oct 12 14:08
      Hi, Pearl, My schnauzer, Annie, is being treated for chronic pancreatitis and kidney failure, but she does not have diabetes. But she has had a poor appetite. The vets at the vet school have... more
    • Green Beef Tripe (by Solid Gold)save1mini, Fri Oct 11 05:14
      Try GREEN BEEF TRIPE made by SOLID GOLD. Safe stuff, low in fat (esp. safe for renal failures). Dogs & cats love it. As you know or have seen on documentaries, in the wild, the stomach is the first... more
    • Diet Info — Nadine, Fri Oct 11 02:46
      • United StatesBarbara Shapiro, Sat Oct 12 05:34
        This sounds very interesting and I'm going to print it out for future use. Just one question. You mention garlic. I've heard that dogs should not have any garlic. I've since eliminated garlic when I... more
    • Calf Liver -- Appetite StimulantCoco, Thu Oct 10 08:13
      I've had tons dogs on the verge of starvation, or with issues that have caused them not to eat. I've never had Calf Liver fail me yet. My vet says that liver is a natural appetite stimulant. You may... more
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