Judy Legan, Standard Schnauzer Rescue, So CA
LOST SS, black bitch, in San Diego area
Mon May 19, 2014 15:26

A black Standard Schnauzer bitch has been lost in the east San Diego area. She is 7 years old, cropped ears, docked tail, recently groomed. She has been missing for several days. Owners think she may be loose in the Lake Murray area. If anyone spots her, please call her owner, Vinton, at 619-573-2887 or email him at vindance@gmail.com. Thanks for your help!

    • Update! This dog has NOT been found!Judy Legan, Standard Schnauzer Rescue Chair, So CA, Tue May 27 19:48
      She is still missing and has been gone since Mother's Day. No word on her at all. Please let me or her owner know if you see her!
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