christy Ramirez
Re: El Paso TX
Sun Jun 22, 2014 08:21

  • El Paso TXChristy Ramirez, Sun Jun 22 08:20
    White Male mini at Animal Services... El Paso TX..........
    • Re: El Paso TX — christy Ramirez, Sun Jun 22 08:21
      • NCMaggie Besignano, Mon Jun 23 08:38
        Also 2 standard schnauzers white #aaaa14-14869 kennel #b29; aaaa14-14624, kennel #c10 some listed as terriers/ poodles look like overgrown fur schnauzers
        • re El Passo shelterMaggie Besignano, Mon Jun 23 08:45
          Sorry, my reply was for the El Passo shelter mentioned in the previous note from Christy Sorry for the confusion
        • NCMaggie Besignano, Mon Jun 23 08:40
          The Schnauzers that I mentioned are from the same Shelter in Dallas
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