Potentially abused male Mini needs a place to go - Tulsa, OK
Wed Jul 9, 2014 07:27

We were brought a stray male Miniature Schnauzer, approximately 4 years old. His hair was badly matted and overgrown, and he was full of fleas. The lady who found him said he did not like to be picked up.... that's a gross understatement. We cannot pick him up unless he is muzzled.

Blue, as we are calling him, has some fear aggression problems. He is very protective of his dog walker when on walks. Generally, he is nice and will come sit on your lap. But he needs work, and we do not have any homes that can handle him or work with him right now. His skins is very itchy, partly due to fleas and partly to lack of bathing.

Blue was not neutered when he arrived. That was done on 6/27, and he was given all his shots and tested for heartworms (negative). He was treated for intestinal parasites. Otherwise, he seems very healthy.

We want to give Blue a chance at a better life. We have done all his medical, but we simply have no place to put him. And we cannot board him at the vet's office indefinitely (and that's not good for him anyway). We are looking for anyone who is willing to take him on and work with him. We think he has potential, but he had a really bad start to life and needs to learn to trust.

If you know of anyone who might be willing to take in Blue and help him, please let me know as soon as possible. I can send pics of him if interested. Thank you.

Caroline Nolan
Schnauzer Rescue of Tulsa

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