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7 yr male Mini seeking WOMEN only
Sun Jan 22, 2017 21:34

We have a 7 year old male Miniature Schnauzer named Chuy who apparently does not like men. At first, it seemed to just be a fear of men, but his behavior has changed and he is becoming more aggressive to the man in his foster home. HOWEVER, he is very loving and affectionate toward the woman, her mother, her grandmother and her aunt.

We do not have a woman only foster home available for Chuy, so we are seeking help to find him somewhere to go.

Chuy was originally rescued from a kill shelter by a man. The man later passed away and his family did say that he yelled at Chuy. So there is no telling what else may have occurred in that home. Chuy gets along well with other dogs, and is apparently very loving toward women. Chuy is currently fostered in Norman, Oklahoma.

If you have any options, ideas or suggestions, please contact Schnauzer Rescue of Tulsa or All About Animals Rescue, Inc. -- Caroline Nolan,

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