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Re: Hot weather and feet
Mon Jul 9, 2018 22:42

Good luck.

  • Hot weather and feetAnonymous, Mon Jul 9 16:05
    My fetish is needle play on the feet,giving injection needles or acupuncture needles into the tops, sides and soles of young 18-20 year old guys (students)feet. It's a rather rare kink and never... more
    • Re: Hot weather and feet — Anonymous, Mon Jul 9 22:42
      • Re: Hot weather and feetAnonymous, Wed Jul 11 15:47
        This hot weather has got young guys who don't normally wear flip flops wearing flip flops and slides, what a show!
      • Re: Hot weather and feetAnonymous, Tue Jul 10 00:28
        Thanks, seeing all these young feet in sandals, slides and flip flops is nice though even if the odds of someone with my very specific fetish are low.
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