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Injections in the bare feet
Mon Aug 5, 2019 08:14
2607:fea8:1ca0:30e:95e2:c31f:fa27:6856, email me, I like to give injection needles in the feet :)

  • Interested!Foot guy, Thu Oct 29 02:46
    Email me! I like this!
    • Injections in the bare feet — Toronto needle freak, Mon Aug 5 08:14
    • Needles Anonymous, Mon Dec 4 14:51 Take your socks off and hold still ☺
    • Needles interestedAnonymous, Wed Aug 2 13:47
      Hi, old thread but how old are you and your foot size? You have an email? Maybe we can get and see if things click.
    • Needles into bare feetAnonymous, Thu Nov 5 14:58
      Hi, you didn't post an email but you can email me at You 18-22?
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