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Mon Aug 5, 2019 08:17
2607:fea8:1ca0:30e:95e2:c31f:fa27:6856 email me, I like giving injection needles into bare feet :)

  • heybobb, Sat Jan 5 07:14
    give me your email.
    • Needles — Anonymous, Mon Aug 5 08:17
    • Re: heyAnonymous, Sat Sep 16 16:45
      You into injection needles in the feet? I am☺
    • Into shots in the feetMike, Tue Jul 28 19:18
      Mostly giving but possibly receiving as well, 18-25 is what I'm into,have camera for filming the needles.
    • emailAnonymous, Sat Apr 5 19:10
    • emailAnonymous, Fri Mar 21 22:28 Size 10.5 white feet, have 22 gauge injection needles :)
    • new emailFootNerd, Wed Jan 22 22:01
      Hey, Give me a jab at I have a box of 22 gauge needles with syringe for giving or receiving, super super shy about meeting up but maybe.....
    • needles in the feetAnonymous, Fri Jun 7 15:29 New email, message me and I'll take my socks off and maybe do some jabs.
    • emailAnonymous, Wed Jan 23 06:40
    • needlesAnonymous, Thu Jan 10 22:16
      I don't have an email I can post here right now but I'll make one in a day or so. You into needles/feet? How old? Foot size?
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