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impossible find
Mon Sep 9, 2019 13:02

Not a hard find but more like impossible to find students 18-20 in the Toronto area willing to have needles in the feet, just impossible for some reason, any other fetish no problem but this one is not easy to find.

  • Re: Foot injections? 18-22?Anonymous, Fri Jun 14 08:15
    Just curious, have you ever found anyone into this? seems like a really hard find..
    • impossible find — acuneedle Toronto, Mon Sep 9 13:02
    • Re: Foot injections? 18-22?M, Fri Jun 14 10:14
      Also, I set up an email address for fetish related stuff in cause you want to chat privately, it's You are right this is a hard find for some reason, they are many other... more
    • Re: Foot injections? 18-22?Anonymous, Fri Jun 14 09:45
      No I haven't, I've had the fetish since forever but finding young guys into is isn't easy.
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