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paula nigro
Italian Genealogy Online on the Angelfire servers MOVED
Mon Nov 7, 2016 1:06pm

On March 09, 2017 my Italian Genealogy Online and all Things Italian Ancestry Research site was moved

for the safety of everyone including myself.

I used the Angelfire site to host Italian Genealogy Online Do-It-Yourself research site since the year 2000, which is before Angelfire was purchased by Lycos.

The following message is now OLD INFORMATION:

Author paula nigro
Subject Italian Genealogy Online on the Angelfire servers
Date Mon Nov 7, 2016 13:06
Hello all

Italian Genealogy Online is up again on the Angelfire Servers at the same link where it has been for years:

If you added my homepage link due to my temporary notice, while Lycos was changing servers for Angelfire, Tripod and all of the Lycos products and free hosting services, note that I have deleted the files on - geocities.WS -
so please delete your bookmark (if you made one) as it will only give you a "404 Not Found" notice.

Best regards,
paula nigro
(webmaster for Italian Genealogy Online, 1999-2016)
and a volunteer for Italian Genealogy

(I made these sites so that *YOU* can easily learn to do your own Genealogy Research - just like I did :-)

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