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Paula Nigro
Italian Genealogy Online - update info
Thu Mar 9, 2017 7:05pm

Dear Visitors,

Italian Genealogy Research is an enjoyable, uplifting hobby. It is good exercise for the mind and fun too.

I maintain Italian Genealogy Online so I can use my own links without having to deal with bookmarks in different browsers or devices and in the hope that what has helped me will help others learn to do their own research.

I have been using the "free" webhost Angelfire / Lycos since the year 2000 to host Italian Genealogy Online and all things Italian (my site used to include Mediterannean Diet info, Italian Art, Roman history, Travel to Italy links, and more) therefore the longer title.

Due to the overwhelming amount of BlockOut Ads that Angelfire/Lycos has been using, which are actually easy to remove by simply disabling JavaScript *IF* a visitor knows how to do it ... I decided it will be easier for everyone if I upload my Italian Genealogy Online site to my Geocities.WS homepage site.

I am not into doing genealogy for money so there is no reason for me to purchase a domain and pay a yearly fee to host this site in order to help others easily learn to do their own Italian Genealogy Research.

I charge no fees and have never solicited for donations or funding, which gives me freedom to be politically-incorrect and say THANK GOD that Geocities.WS gives free website hosting without invasive Advertising that covers the webpage. - - (so far) :-)

Kindest regards
Paula Nigro

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